Stalker and Hater of Truth depicts grow some balls?

Wow there Drew Tyler, you claim to know where I work and live yet you don’t have the balls to come and clear your fake name, now that’s ROTFLMAO!

I see you have a new follower lol!

Spoiled Girl? Sounds like another one of Drew Tyler’s made up Facebook pages to appear they have a new creation after killing Philly dilly as promised.

Yes, after once again you slipped declaring what justifies stalking & menacing in comparison to fair use, when you cried about the Wall of Shame. So yes, tell the folks how you created this character when the APA Supervisor was fired, that’s where the harassment began, 2008 when the poor boy sued to get his job back and lost. That crow was hard to swallow I get it, but don’t you think it’s time to quit picking that scab? You lost then, and you shall lose again. How do I know, what’s said about those who abused their power or broke the laws they enforce are true! What you declare on your page is false, that’s why you use a fictitious character and fear facing the real deal you try to smear. No need to respond to that non-sense. How ever your page has what you claim is fair use, pics of myself and my family which indicates your trouble if and when you grow a pair of balls and face what you have feared all along, being exposed as the liar and fraud you are.

Now back to your fake ass page being you fear commenting here to show why you can only get away with what you do on Facebook, for now. How ever that safety net along with the cyber stalking laws have changed, so soon we will see who has the balls?

It’s funny how now you claim you can’t see my profile or pics when the truth is you were blocked way before posting my pics on your page, so what’s changed other than your lies and justification? Yes, you claimed those pics are public, interesting! What’s changed stalker boy, or is that girl?

What’s funny is you understand cease and desist being you followed my commands, so quit acting like you can’t see my page since being blocked, cause nothing has changed other than you fear posting more pics or commenting here in fear of having to face your fears, me!

Tick tick tick #thebullyisdefeated

Not so tough without their creation are they? The real deal shows up and suddenly they act like they can’t see my account? Well, that’s ok being their fear had them keeping up on tick tick tick, their day of reckoning lol?

So much for being a God in which they proclaim on their page? Puppet Master, etc? Yep, seeing is believing and now everyone sees exactly who’s in CONtrol, and it’s certainly not this loon who claims they have balls all the while fearing to face the real deal as you see here blowing up their page! 👍😂👍

Game Over Drew Tyler, everyone knows who the real puzzy is, the fairytale with their tale between their legs who knows where I live and work yet fears telling me where we can meet?

Keep stalking my wife & daughter, and you will find out. That’s a promise!

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2 Responses to Stalker and Hater of Truth depicts grow some balls?

  1. Phil says:

    Poor Drew knows they can use a fake alias here, so why not say something you fake?

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