Skidmore Trial set for February????

2015 in review: Skidmore trial set for February

“Local resident and activist┬áMichael Skidmore was indicted on six counts related to the fight, including felony and misdemeanor charges. He is accused assaulting two courthouse security officers, inducing panic and obstructing official business by preventing, obstructing or delaying performance by a public official.”

The interesting part being how it ALL started, the truth is coming no matter how long they drag this out, or appear to be making deals as we wait? The below update from the Courts docket funny enough does not depict a trial being set, how ever there is another behind closed door meeting scheduled? Interesting how this works???

I also find it odd no mention of how it all began with a changed agenda from no executive session on the agenda to having an executive session with no question asked in a meeting to address the session. They told us it stemmed from a meeting a week ago? That’s funny being I checked the minutes from the last two weeks prior and there’s no mention of this, hmmm? It was also said Mike was told to leave and was disorderly? I am personally working on the 47 minute video that got out on this event, stay tuned as you will find there are very conflicting stories out of the Prosecutors initial media packet vs what was caught on video. I will surely have this update before the next hearing in case they are still watching, mysteriously they had the PINAC Youtube taken down. Appears they have something to hide, but none the less it will be back soon! 👍

For the record, Mike was never told to leave, they told us all to leave prior to losing the argument regarding the executive session. After letting us in Marylin John dramatically drove the situation to escalate as you will see in the video, appears they don’t like citizens who question things in their own meeting. Own meeting being for the record these meetings are for the Citizens not the Commissioners. By law they are to attend 50 meetings in which they do exceed so I do applaud them for that. See you soon, the below screenshot depicts a small discrepancy for the next time they meet or as you see the Clerk drags their feet in keeping the public informed on the record?

You say?????

February huh? Screenshots taken 12.31.15   10am

February huh? Screenshots taken 12.31.15 10am

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