Shelby woman “Tells it like it is” – Best Story of 2016!

Thank you Richland Source, Drew Tyler was saying the NEWS was getting stagnant then this, thank you!

Now we can only hope for the story on Drew Tyler the great hater of positive life events like this to come clean?

If the below picture link does not work, see complete story here…

Shelby woman chooses life over drugs


Drew Tyler how ever would beg to differ on who’s the BEST liar, manipulator, and thief. – If they ever came into the light like this they would chance to lose more than just family and who they are, or at least who they think they are lol!

This MP Hate Community is the epitome of fraud in Richland County, don’t take my word for it, take a look for yourself here –

When you’re done visit or join the REAL DEAL here, the only way to see for yourself who’s who!  –

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