Shawn Christy timeline according to Political Prisoner?

Yes, this group banned us from asking questions, just like that fraud who manages a copycat MP page. To funny, cause it’s public! Yes, you can read their crap, just can’t post on their page, hmm?

So I will copy and paste and question here for the World to see outside where they think they can control the news!





No kidding, we were led to believe he was ARMED & DANGEROUS?

If he was a man of his word before this he will now be found like my hater a liar and a fraud, all talk and no show!

Tick tick tick, another Drew Tyler taken off the streets. Bye Felicia!

You can read, join, and comment until they disagree with you. Then all you see is this!


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One Response to Shawn Christy timeline according to Political Prisoner?

  1. Poor Drew says:

    Poor Drew Tyler looking for attention here cause nobody visits their page!
    Might as well have a block on it cause nobody cares what you say?

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