Shawn Christy is like Drew Tyler lol! – One BIG HOAX, seeing is believing!

Shawn Christy US Government, hmmm?

Hey Mansfield! – The day we find out who this is, is when we find this guy lol!


Lock your doors for sure, we live a mile from the supposed crash site haven’t seen any law enforcement since this started, think he has? One things for sure, they have looked everywhere he’s not! Lexington is acting like nothing’s happening, maybe that’s where he’s hiding?

Find the Drew Tyler gang, they are probably sitting around ROTFLMAO at this?

Day 4 and not one shred of Evidence the guy is here?

Please tell us you have evidence to support inducing panic into our neighborhoods along 71 where the truck was found, this is becoming a joke!

US Marshalls, local PD and Sheriff’s to this point have shared not one shred of Evidence he’s been seen anywhere. Has anything been found in these woods to support he is here? Sick of hearing we got him surrounded or trapped just to hear nothing! Tick tick tick, their chances of catching this Trump hater is no better than Drew Tyler aka Trump hater facing the Philly. Nobody cares about that either, move on!

If this guy is here, let the people take care of it! It’s obvious he either has help or the Drew Tyler’s of Mansfield are deceiving you where he is

Find Drew, and maybe you’ll find this guy?????

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4 Responses to Shawn Christy is like Drew Tyler lol! – One BIG HOAX, seeing is believing!

  1. Phil says:

    Shared video of this guy heading south away from 71 and 13 near Hanley where a huge search was going on. Told US Marshalls this direction leads to a bike path. Being this was approx 940am and it was noon at the time this guy had a nice cushion and could be anywhere again. Asked why I didn’t call it in, just happy he was leaving the area!

    Thru social media is was said this guy is actually from Walnut Hills and travels to work somewhere in the 97 71 area? Not sure if it’s been confirmed, none the less it the only site of anyone relatively fitting the description I have seen?

    Many reports of folks seeing the guy in our area, yet no proof, hmmm? Tick tick tick

  2. Phil says:

    Funny stuff, day 3 they showed up, now it’s day 5 and Dog the Bounty Hunter is coming. Maybe they can find Drew while they’re at it? Bwahahaha.

  3. puddin tane says:

    Drew Tyler lol, that dude’s a dumbass lol!

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