Richland County Sheriff CONversation, is the word getting out?

I recently had a share in the Mansfielders Perspective Group that I thought was a great idea. The Sheriff having meetings with the public he serves? Awesome! – How ever I believe these meetings need to be more frequent and a regular meeting place, thoughts?


The above awareness was forwarded to this group just hours before this meeting was held, maybe a month or quarterly meetings need scheduled to gain more support and community effort? Don’t get me wrong, something is better than nothing.

I took a look at the Sheriffs Facebook page and found the following, appears they are trying to do something yet its not clear what? Is there a place where questions & answers from the community be found?


It appears communication on this could be standardized a bit! Here we find one communication on this on the Sheriffs page and not the other which appeared as a small clip in an unknown at this time paper?

How can we get the public aware of these meetings & the efforts that are being made and their success? – Inquiring minds would like to know as safety IS and WILL take a community effort, not just by a few who want recognition for political reasons.

The MP asks…

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