Richland County Courthouse has New ATM – LOL!

Story on the Richland source says it all!

Richland County courthouse offers new ATM

The frequent flyers (thugs) who visit this fine and go system appear to be now “spreading the wealth” – lol!

This will be great now that those who used to carry cash and risk being robbed when showing up to pay for their deal or their small fine so they can get back to business are now rejoicing they don’t have to worry about carrying a concealed weapon under probation.

This works well for the corrupt too!, those they take from can use their cards to turn plastic into untraceable cash. Only if I was a thug I would want a receipt showing I paid for my default Judgement that kept me from facing a Judge, how else can we keep corruption alive, the ATM has me all smiles.

“Patrons at the Richland County courthouse building who need cash can now access an ATM available in the front lobby.” – Funny how they call them “Patrons” – a person who gives financial or other support to a person, organization, cause, or activity. This being a Courthouse should be your first sign there’s something more sinister behind this other than helping a crony make a few bucks – lol!

Courthouse ATM

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