Puppet Master Drew Tyler is in denial of who CONtrols who?

Yep, this troll that hides behind a fake persona is starting to realize the reality of telling the truth…

How does one censor themselves there my fictitious friend? The truth is you are blocked from stealing pics with this account, that’s why you use one of your other accounts real or otherwise to stalk and steal pics you admit you can’t see? Interesting you don’t realize how ridiculous you sound, tick tick tick why you fear facing the Philly or your fears of getting exposed. Facebook has your back for now, careful what you wish for! 👍👍

Drew apparently likes this face chat over the more manly ones, speaks volumes to their character and why they use an eagle persona with it’s head down. 😂

Poor Drew missing their creation? Some puppet master when they lose control lol!

You freaking queer! When you gonna get over your fear & face your threat? Yes, the threat is proving who’s behind your fake ass account. Tick tick tick, your page has clearly died without the real master?


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2 Responses to Puppet Master Drew Tyler is in denial of who CONtrols who?

  1. Phil says:

    Yes, it’s clear even though they are blocked from one account they still have access via Instagram where they are now stalking my daughter’s page.
    Now you know why they hide behind Facebook protections?

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