Phil Sydnor petitioning once again for Commissioner?

Yes, you heard my name once before for taking out a petition to run against Tim Wert in the primary election. Not so fast my friends and fellow community members. I requested to run as I am registered, a no party Independent yet was told last fall I did not qualify because I voted a party? After great debate in the Mansfielders Perspective Group and seeing what happened to Connie Garber I decided to try this again.

After calls to the Secretary of State and back to the local board of elections I found getting past the clerks on the front lines the answers from Director Bill Freytag who explained I was misinformed by an out of date Candidate Petition Instruction. 2 lines inparticular read under circulating petition as saying the following…

“A person can NOT take out an Independent petition who has voted a party within the past 2 years”

“Circulators may NOT circulate an Independent petition if voted a party within the past 2 years”

Candidate Petition Instructions Corr.

Come to find out this is NOT the case by laws and legal actions already taken. Now that this has been CLEARED UP I have found the road block of running for a party removed! Trust me, running for a party is difficult if your platform does not fit the status quo.

I will tell you this for now! I do not have a platform as my goals have changed seeing how the parties roll, how ever I assure you my platform as the group I run on Facebook is to build community, not divide it! The IMPORTANT thing now is to give the voters a choice and I must focus on getting your signatures for anyone to take me serious. Yes, IF I would have known the instructions were flawed last fall I would have only needed 25 signatures before the primary deadline, now I need a 329 minimum to 3x that amount 987. My goal is 500 good signatures, then I can stress my platform for surely those who will oppose me will want to declare I don’t have the credentials or experience to do the job?

I can assure you at least for now my platform will not be one of a narcissistic sociopath declaring what I have done, but what I WILL DO to engage the community and to bring people back into their meetings we have found are mostly privatized executive sessions without public input! This will change my friends, I promise you that. As a citizen who experienced the attack on fellow citizen Mike Skidmore will never happen again if I were to be elected. Each and every citizen who attends these meetings should have a chance to ask questions on the record, with answers just the same. Sure I still say this is unfortunate as we await the trial of this citizen may we get the truth and answers the public so deserves.

For now I leave you with help me get those signatures and let the people decide this November 8th who is most suitable to represent the public in their best interests, and who in turn will do the most important function of the job, LISTEN!

I will be attending this Thursdays debate with primary candidates looking for signatures and answering any questions you have of me before I would expect you to sign. Want someone to represent you the people and not too big to fail? I am your guy!

Thank you for your time, hope to see you soon.


Phil Sydnor


Phil Sydnor for Commissioner


Written by and approved by your Independent Candidate, not an excerpt taken from a Commissioners handbook or guided by a team of experts. A true Independent who wants to bring integrity and loyalty to the best interests of the people we serve as a whole.

Thank you for your support, paid for by hard work, nothing is free!

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