Stalker and Hater of Truth depicts grow some balls?

Wow there Drew Tyler, you claim to know where I work and live yet you don’t have the balls to come and clear your fake name, now that’s ROTFLMAO!

I see you have a new follower lol!

Spoiled Girl? Sounds like another one of Drew Tyler’s made up Facebook pages to appear they have a new creation after killing Philly dilly as promised.

Yes, after once again you slipped declaring what justifies stalking & menacing in comparison to fair use, when you cried about the Wall of Shame. So yes, tell the folks how you created this character when the APA Supervisor was fired, that’s where the harassment began, 2008 when the poor boy sued to get his job back and lost. That crow was hard to swallow I get it, but don’t you think it’s time to quit picking that scab? You lost then, and you shall lose again. How do I know, what’s said about those who abused their power or broke the laws they enforce are true! What you declare on your page is false, that’s why you use a fictitious character and fear facing the real deal you try to smear. No need to respond to that non-sense. How ever your page has what you claim is fair use, pics of myself and my family which indicates your trouble if and when you grow a pair of balls and face what you have feared all along, being exposed as the liar and fraud you are.

Now back to your fake ass page being you fear commenting here to show why you can only get away with what you do on Facebook, for now. How ever that safety net along with the cyber stalking laws have changed, so soon we will see who has the balls?

It’s funny how now you claim you can’t see my profile or pics when the truth is you were blocked way before posting my pics on your page, so what’s changed other than your lies and justification? Yes, you claimed those pics are public, interesting! What’s changed stalker boy, or is that girl?

What’s funny is you understand cease and desist being you followed my commands, so quit acting like you can’t see my page since being blocked, cause nothing has changed other than you fear posting more pics or commenting here in fear of having to face your fears, me!

Tick tick tick #thebullyisdefeated

Not so tough without their creation are they? The real deal shows up and suddenly they act like they can’t see my account? Well, that’s ok being their fear had them keeping up on tick tick tick, their day of reckoning lol?

So much for being a God in which they proclaim on their page? Puppet Master, etc? Yep, seeing is believing and now everyone sees exactly who’s in CONtrol, and it’s certainly not this loon who claims they have balls all the while fearing to face the real deal as you see here blowing up their page! 👍😂👍

Game Over Drew Tyler, everyone knows who the real puzzy is, the fairytale with their tale between their legs who knows where I live and work yet fears telling me where we can meet?

Keep stalking my wife & daughter, and you will find out. That’s a promise!

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Drew Tyler has 3 degrees from Ohio State, yet can’t get a grip on how Facebook works lol!

Here is a post from their copycat wanna be Mansfielders Perspective page after getting called out here!

It appears they may be learning how cease and desist works? Yes, what I do is perfectly legal being I refute and share the news. The huge difference they are sure to learn is the difference also between a “public employee” and a “private citizen” with a Civic duty. Sure, Drew Tyler hates this, but why if they are truly Drew Tyler? What it sounds like in which I have known all along their hate resides in being one on the Wall of Shame, ain’t that right Drew?

Yes, now you get it? One exception though I may point out dummy! Just because you don’t see my posts, don’t mean I’m not posting, cause that’s obvious if you revert to my post you responded to! See, it says I posted on Mansfielders Perspective unsensored lol!

Yep, it’s pretty clear I am posting on your page, so much for being a master of anything other than your made up ghost called Philly dilly. I am the real deal you fear, ad for the bully tactics you may have to change that next, being you fear saying anything outside of your safe place lol!

Now get back to the drawing board, just as you failed the people you serve you have failed yet another mission, to silence the truth. Tick tick tick, I am still here, and hopefully nobody is reading the jokesite for they too now see the fool you are! Yes, your creation Philly dilly you can silence, how ever Phil lives and with each long wonder post I see as everyone else has, you’re about to snap!

Tick tick tick, the Truth behind Drew Tyler is coming, or they will soon disappear like they did when Craigslist came crashing down on them, now that’s ROTFLMAO, right JOHNNY????


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Drew Tyler is CONfused, says they are censored when they are actually blocked from stalking my Facebook page.

What’s funny is they are certainly not censored on their own page lol! They are more than welcome to post a comment here being they are certainly not blocked from the truth here. Take a look at their latest, how dumb do they think my readers are? No wonder they have no friends…

Hey Drew, it’s obvious you can read my blogs, that’s all that matters when it comes to “fair use”. Your trying to justify stealing my pics for harassment is far from fair use, look it up!

More on this turds page here…


You be the Judge…

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Puppet Master Drew Tyler is in denial of who CONtrols who?

Yep, this troll that hides behind a fake persona is starting to realize the reality of telling the truth…

How does one censor themselves there my fictitious friend? The truth is you are blocked from stealing pics with this account, that’s why you use one of your other accounts real or otherwise to stalk and steal pics you admit you can’t see? Interesting you don’t realize how ridiculous you sound, tick tick tick why you fear facing the Philly or your fears of getting exposed. Facebook has your back for now, careful what you wish for! 👍👍

Drew apparently likes this face chat over the more manly ones, speaks volumes to their character and why they use an eagle persona with it’s head down. 😂

Poor Drew missing their creation? Some puppet master when they lose control lol!

You freaking queer! When you gonna get over your fear & face your threat? Yes, the threat is proving who’s behind your fake ass account. Tick tick tick, your page has clearly died without the real master?


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More information just keeps flowing out into the open via increasing numbers of Whistle Blowers in this Time of the Great Revealing. Karen Stewart, an ex-employee of the NSA, documents the vicious and diabolical organized network stalking and electronic torture she underwent because of being a whistle blower. The widespread existence of such heinous, working, organized, crime webs is now firmly established. (The Demonic Deep State has many nefarious tentacles which need to be cut-off.) This information should be widely broadcasted.
  Set aside some time to listen to her incredible story. Very eye-opening! There are three audio interview parts. Nearly 4 hours of interviews, total. Well worth the listening!
  The audio links are about half way down on the right side of the  web site. Unfortunately, the individual audio links would not connect to this email, so, I could not present them directly for you here.
Sounds Creepy there Scott, like a Drew Tyler lol!
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Drew Tyler misses their creation Philly Dilly, but still fears the real deal!

Yes, this Drew Tyler is pretty brave behind their keyboard, so much they know where I work and live yet after all their years of stalking my page AND where I work and live they fear saying any of this to my face speaks volumes on who the coward is. Yes, prove you have a real profile pic or where you live or what your so called successful business is and I can arrange to be there in minutes, tick tick tick. The TRUTH is the cry baby misses their creations attention and now needs a pacifier. Let’s take a look at their latest rant of fear shall we?

Response from the real deal they fear, yes they are blocked from stealing pics and putting them unlawfully on their hate page, but surely they have more? What’s funny is how they got those recent pics when they are blocked, my guess as usual they are trying to mislead anyone who reads their crap, proof is how easily liberals like Joe Mathias are easily fooled. Funny how they want you to believe they can’t see my response to this, yet can see my profile even though they are blocked, so yes just as I they must have a second account as well, who’s fooling who? I don’t fool, even though April fool’s is not far away, let’s take a look at who’s fooling who shall we?

Here is Drew baby’s proof I am stalking their page? The truth is they have been quiet since being told to cease and desist, so what they fear now is sharing anymore pics now that Facebook privacy is in question, as a result we will see what happens to Zuckerburg for protecting creeps like this. I believe we will find out April 10th when Zuckerburg testifies before Congress how much longer this fake news hate page exists, so yes tick tick tick Drew baby will need a new pacifier lol!

Now (Drum Roll) the long winded response of deception that will ultimately lead to the stalkers demise.

Well I guess they stand corrected, I have posted on their page, just because they are blocked from stalking my wife and daughter and they are blocked don’t mean I can’t post. What they mean is…without using the account they used to steal my personal pics and expose themselves, it’s much easier to play stupid? Well folks, that’s what losers do that call in bomb threats, and yes Drew baby is not much different, how ever their day is coming. You will not be seeing pics from my profile since being told to cease and desist, not that’s how you effectively stop a stalker, now all they have left is copying posts from here and responding there for attention as the pic stealing is their true fear knowing if they continue it will out their fake account.

Game over Drew Tyler, you can wanna be the perspective, but as you and everyone can see the real deal is alive and well while you go back under your rock where you came from. Funny how like Craigslist, everyone is tired of your shit, so when you feel you have the balls, come see me!

“WE” – can’t wait to find out who we is?

Now that’s ROTFLMAO!!!!!

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The Drew Tyler MP copycat talking to themselves again, talk about cookoo for Coco puffs?

Stalking claims among other claims that fall under cyber stalking & harassment of the truth! Maybe Drew Tyler would like to prove their claims beyong a page nobody else wants a part of, why?

Cause tick tick tick…

1 – Poor Drew Tyler has no clue what’s coming after censoring Philly dilly on their uncensored page that died. I see they also fear getting in the ring with Philly! They can’t be afraid of a woman beater cause that accusation is what they will soon be defending that will put an end to their fake news page!

2 – FYI, a pothole tax imposed on ones wages when one can’t vote is taxation without representation dummy! Surely the dummy meant I shouldn’t have to pay just because I use the roads? I work there yes, and no I can’t vote on the tax either, let those who can vote pay for it! Besides, with their logic to be a fair tax based on who uses them should not be imposed on those who work there, but EVERYONE who USES the roads keeping in mind many who work there are barely getting by the way it is, just ask Drew who claims on their page we are just menial workers begging for scraps!

So let’s address this like a real elected official should by the logic to tax those who work instead of everyone who uses the roads? Put up a toll booth, have a fund raiser for to voluntarily get the money, cause it’s unconstitutional to tax ones income when they can’t vote! The cool part is…Romanchuk got the money, did council there not see this? Damn double dippers, Drew must want another paid vacation by those they claim are menial working pigs, hmmm?

Romanchuk money, forget the tax!

3 – You call it stalking, I call it building a case with due diligence against your false claims and deception to those who actually read, post, and comment in a group you fear to join and refute. As I have also said for years it takes time to legally expose a Drew Tyler, and now you know…tick tick tick is here, see you soon!

Funny thing is when your buddies who have protected you for years go down as well. Your crying about those on the Wall of Shame while making false claims on your page have finally caught up to you when you snapped claiming fair use on pics from my personal Facebook you are blocked from. How do people know this now? As you see above I am commenting on your page and your dumbass don’t know it!

Now that’s ROTFLMAO tick tick tick is here, and when a restraining order is put on you any relation you have as a Government employee are over!

Peace, see you soon, and yes knowing you still STALK this blog you now know you have and will be served.

Good luck!


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Comments by Flying J employees fired by Browns owner Jimmy Haslem, it’s all about the Perspective, your comments?

Watch & Comment below, will this lifted cloud help the Browns move forward?


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Mansfielders Perspective Admin & Rand Paul Endorse Mike Gibbons against Sharrod Brown in November!

The career politician ( Sharrod Brown ) must go unless he can get Philly in the ring with Drew Tyler!

A campaign promise the coward certainly can’t keep! 👍😉👍

See endorsement on…

Buckeye Battle PAC

Who else is for the TRUTH & Mike Gibbons?

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HR Bill 5087 Assault on semi auto weapons beyond Assault rifles.


First they take away your right to defend, then they will take away your right for free speech!


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