Freedom Daily reports on Packers Coach Mike McCarthy’s Perspective on the National Anthem!

Read attached story below for scrutiny/thoughts…

Hand over the Heart?

Mike McCarthy Tells It Like It Is here!

McCarthy doesn’t seem to agree with the Commissioner’s apologetic approach and has something else planned for these anti-American stars who think they are going to get away with protesting on his field. They are paid millions to play a game – not make negative political statements. – The MP agrees that their protests are in poor taste against History of the National Anthem, here is how the Packers Coach addresses the issue!

McCarthy said he addresses the anthem and his expectation of proper decorum during it with the players via a preseason presentation. 

“It’s something that I’ve done each and every year here since I’ve been the head coach,” McCarthy said. “We have a PowerPoint presentation that you update (each year), and you always try to deliver the message clearly to the team.

“Our approach has always been to give the history and the understanding of what the national anthem means, and why it’s played before any National Football League game, particularly how (the tradition) started after World War II. I go through the whole history and the importance of what it means to you personally.”

***As Admin of the MP blog Tell It Like It Is instead of appearing like they are protesting the National Anthem first that these players understand the History of the Flag & Anthem they disrespect when their message is not CLEAR!

Yes, these players are risking their careers disrespecting what the game has become, a distraction to what they are ironically protesting. Now maybe taking this to a NEW level we may see fallout of what football means to Corporate America! Yes the game has changed, so much the blue collar workers and those pushing merchandise ironically from non free Countries like China can afford to attend, interesting how the game has changed! Yes, its no longer a distraction to the little guy, who cares stadiums are made smaller and tickets are unaffordable for most? That’s where the divide started when the only ones who can participate either work for sponsors or friends of players. Hardly will you ever find the common man these players are disrespecting going to the game, so I hardly doubt the NEW fans today pay much mind, just ask Drew Tylers of the World, they love what this is doing to our Nation, its how puppets are made.

What can the little people do you say? Well the Drew Tylers do it by hitting you where it counts, financially by character assassination, how ever in this case the players protesting their issues unannounced to the public are only hurting themselves IF enough decide to protest? Rest assured long time fan or not, they continue this stance we will soon find out how United the States are, or how Divided we are. Once again we tick tick tick as the Drew Tylers are exposed, or the message behind what they do? Keep it real as we wait for the fallout. Fallout for players could be flipping burgers for Drew lol!!!! The TRUTH behind these protests coming? I highly doubt the media will allow it?



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Tucker Carlson “Tells It Like It Is”

Tick tick tick

Tucker is right ya know?

A fan of this page, the intrepid Drew Tyler who fears the philly.


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Drew Tyler FINALLY admits to their smear campaign, copycat MP page NEVER had a chance as the ORIGINAL continues to grow!

smear cam·paign

smi(ə)r kamˈpān/


  1. a plan to discredit a public figure by making false or dubious accusations.

As I have said, tick tick tick…

Either they face their fears, PHILLY, or disappear BEFORE exposing who this puppet works for!



The REAL Drew Tyler or Stolen identity?

The FAKE as we all know, that represents deception!

The TRUTH of what Drew Tyler hates, the FACT

that their “ACTUAL” puppets are on the WALL OF SHAME!





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Drew Tyler spins again after latest post in Richland County and Surrounding News!

The DREW TYLER gang strikes again!!!! – How ever, we see whom once again ran with their tail between their legs!!!!

tick tick tick, who else wants to stand against those they work for?????




Anyone else think Mr Skidmore got a raw deal? As one who WITNESSED this fiasco, I say YES!!!!

Due to getting this out and work there will be a slight delay for a rebuttel. Hopefully this Appeal will be appealed to Federal Court being this was a result of improperly running of a public meeting while a County Court Employee (Timothy Norris) was allowed to resign rather than facing criminal cha…
Anthony McKean this is the normal corruptions in this town i finally beat part of mine from a drug dealing judge that milks the many drug programs of grant monies that he has helped to create with his buds that dont seam to work very well
PeggyMarie Sees Amen! Someone else sees what is WRONG -safety of community is not the priority. Its all about placing drug cartel-dealers back to the streets to keep the cycle going…… dealer caught slapped on the wrist…back to street…sale ….addict created….. death from OD….robberies addict seeking $for addiction….broken hearts …unsafe community…..on&on&on
Jen Smith Yes, never heard of the cop that fired shots was reprimanded? Pathetic show of unjustified force that could have gotten any of those people killed
Phil Sydnor Thank God his $1200 show piece jammed, or someone may have been shot.
Jen Smith Well I hope the idiot was at least fired
Jon-Paul Workman Shit welcome to manshell this tiwn is so corrupt its sick I have heard it come outta cops mouths that busting the dealer is not gonna happen its job security. The mayor and everybody in a position power is doing nothing to try to save the town and I for one am sick of it if people cant do there jobs its te for some new fresh blood in office with out ties to other people that just wanna line their pockets im gonna run for mayor and clean out this town even if I gotta burn it to the ground trying
Chris Brown Win their hearts and minds 😎
Jon-Paul Workman Because this town is a shit hole
PeggyMarie Sees I for one am sick of it also!

Anthony McKean oh dont get me started about yant he is tied right in the corruptions with them
Phil Sydnor Stay tuned there Alyson Young, there’s a movie coming Martin Yant said. 👍👍
JessicaMarie Adkins His last book was updated and referenced to the early 2000s I do believe. Definitely not 40 years ago and most definitely not much has changed.
Amanda Harris Do any of you even know the man? And some in this string were really fond of him at one point until he told you the truth. You know who you are.
Robyn Montgomery If Mansfield is so rotten to the core like people hammer nonstop, you do know you can leave, right????
Christina Griffey already left bababahahababahahaha
Donald Brewer just get off of it, your all full of crap.
Phil Sydnor Nah, that would be Drew Tyler lol!
Jeff Brewer wtf is drew tyler

Phil Sydnor A mouthpiece that speaks for these corrupt people, now stalking my family!…/…

Linda Shorter Yes your famous lady commisionor had it in for him and she thinks she does no wrong…screwed Shelby as mayor so hang on tight richland county.
Anthony McKean where is most of these commisioners bonds at if you check only one is bonded
Sandra Chance-Conroy How about just respecting authority and not hitting and biting. If these same security people were called to protect mr skidmore if someone had gotten in his face and were filming him he would have been thankful they were there. I wouldn’t want to be in law enforcement for all the tea in china. They deal with people everyday that have no regard for otherwise
Phil Sydnor Just an FYI, this authority did not speak, no commands nothing! All they did was enter a public meeting having enough of this recording their lies. Yes, he may have over reacted to their harassment of his reporting style, cause yes, he is not like the fake news reporters we have here that report one sided news to make it sound like he was the bad guy. In reality they said all of us there that day were there to start trouble. I recorded another meeting in which it appears we were warned, maybe give it a watch a see if you dont hear the threat of whats called the meat grinder. This is what Mike got for exposing the illegal handling of public meetings and how executive sessions are called. This is what caused the hostility, all Mr Skidmore promised was he would record the harassment of citizens, and they took it in the paper and spun us into bad people, if that’s the case we would all be in jail. Mike was just used as a pawn to silence anyone who dares show up to a meeting with a camera. That day, Mike was not the only one recording, that’s why a 15 yr. old who got the best video was seen by millions. What they did in Court was show the fight, not what led up to it or what was said after the fact. Listening and seeing what public officials did before and after to me is appalling from saying first for us to leave before we advised they could not call executive session they way it was called, oddly enough the public don’t know this, or the fact after the crime scene was sealed Commissioner Wert coming back into the room tampering with evidence, you know the device that records the meeting? He took it off camera, then brings it back to the room, another questionable move, and I bet that recorder never caught the part either where they said he was told to leave, that’s purely not true until the thug with a gun laid hands on him without commands yet you want people who do this to be respected? Yes, this is also why this respectable authority resigned cause his boss that went for him as depicted was to discipline him for firing his gun when deadly force was not needed. I am in possession of the reprimand, would you like to see it?
JessicaMarie Adkins Never knew having a camera in your face… Or being recorded was a scary ordeal.
Phil Sydnor Its scary cause our local natcissistic sociopaths dont want folks to know really how they feel! The latest coming out of the Prosecutors office, NUT JOB? REALLY!!!!!

Phil Sydnor Here is a page dedicated to Mike Skidmore with nany facts not shared in what most people believe, the paper! Here you will find the FULL 47 minute video, a Fox news report where they came to my home, and you will also find the reprimand Tim Norris received for his use of deadly force which CONveniently was left out of trial? This shows where Mr Norris resigned instead of facing discipline, not as suggested retired due to injuries? I was there and I will tell you to do your own investigation cause all they did was successfully cover up a mess! Read, discuss, argue or agree, Mike was railroaded by everyone involved in this mess, including his Attorney’s who in my opinion simply stole his retirement.

Justice for Mike Skidmore
Phil Sydnor Another recorded meeting a few months prior, rest assured Mike was attacked because THESE PEOPLE, YOUR COMMISSIONERS dont answer to their voters, more than likely why all were removed from office cause people believed the truth found on social media sites like mine, and yes they want it shut down too! Give this a watch, what they didnt know was we were gonna share this being they took this off the record, hmmm?

Phil Sydnor It’s funny how the one who works for the Prosecutors office removed the “he’s a nutjob” comment. Too late, I have already shared the screenshots in the MP group.
Phil Sydnor What is said on the internet is on the internet forever, nasty comment coming from the Prosecutors office, interesting!!!
Now you see why she removed it!

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, text
Casey Mosier The guy is a nutjob. You guys on here making him out to be some sort of pariah is laughable. He instigated the incident… again not the first time. 1st amendment doesnt give your freedom of consequences or repercussions of acting like an idiot…
Phil Sydnor I dont make the guy out to be anything, how ever I do know how these assclowns try to intimidate. I was there and saw this craziness first hand, the nutjob was clearly the ass pulling his gun nearly shooting the 15yr old that recorded the video that got out, which surprised everyone when it contradicted everything the prosecutors office reported, yes that was the funny part. THEY SAY Mr Skidmore planned this event based on his interviews on youtube, so here’s another perspective…What if this guy who was planning on running for Sheriff didn’t like Mr Skidmore from embarassing him like he did in this encounter. Seems a bit peeved if you ask me, so his buddy said enough and knew he could push the guy too far. Yes, thats how I see it, then again we may just have to wait for the movie to know for sure?

at the end of part two, our intrepid…
Casey Mosier Dude… you have been following him around swinging from his sack for over a year… preaching his “gospel”, writing about him on a website 20 people read. He isnt innocent. You dont start biting someone like a crazed racoon because they put their hands on you… especially when you just put your hands on a city employee. Many other people were there and witnessed it, you are wrong and clearly biased. And whoever wrote that article needs to learn to write coherently. Its like babbling idiocy and rhetoric with zero facts provided.

Phil Sydnor Casey Mosier, I dont disagree he dont have guilt in this how ever you are missing details surely! The guy who touched him to start this I assure you was not hurt as depicted in the fake news. That was Chuck Kochis the 2nd security to intervene who ended with the worst of it while Norris was unscathed as they say, its known that one injury Norris sustained was a ore-existing condition which was denied on workers comp. Furthermore Mr Norris was disciplined for his use of deadly force and resigned, the news CONveniently left that out. Here is the discipline, and whats funny is Kelly is the one who left the room to get security. All I suggest is if Mike gets prison like he did, why did this Norris get off scott free endangering all of us who were there? Still to this day I have not been back to any meetings due to what I witnessed. I have been to a few, and little do folks realize, thats OUR MEETING not theirs, they are just required by LAW to attend so many per year, which they do supercede. What happened this day I assure you was not all on Skidmore, so I take offense anyone calling the man a nutjob, quite frankly the opposite. Yes, enjoy the witheld evidence!

Image may contain: text

Phil Sydnor Thats what Drew Tyler says, the data dont lie Casey Mosier, more like 10k a month.

No automatic alt text available.
Jen Smith I don’t know him, just watched the video of a guy throwing punches and a security officer grabbing a gun instead of relying on his partner to help subdue the man. I could care less who’s more corrupt or crazy. The guy discharging a deadly weapon in a crowded room is a little disturbing to say the least. Luckily I’m not from Mansfield so just going off what I saw. I don’t know any of the people in this video. Probably a good thing lol
Amanda Harris I am defending martin yant not either man involved in this

WOW! – Only 2 in defense of the asshat who drew his weapon and fired based on a lie, oddly enough one was smart enough to REALIZE what they said needed removed, not until it was too late mind you…

Here is the comment(s) coming directly from the Prosecutors Office from one of their Investigators, are you scared yet?

Investigator for Richland County Prosecutor calls man in public meeting a nutjob after he loses appeal.

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Investigator for Richland County Prosecutor calls man in public meeting a nutjob after he loses appeal.

It’s a sad day here in Richland County when “professionals” lose their cool in the profession. If you had a chance to read the briefs you will see why Mr Skidmore list his appeal. Still allowing false witness briefs along with counsel once again that does not question or counter this conspiracy theory that Mr Skidmore planned this attack. Since we went as a group that would indicate the rest of us as accomplices in this crime would it not, or did Mr Skidmore simply just use us in this deed? I am curious why this theory was not countered with one of their own, one would think the youtube video he shared as motive to attack him and then flip is own teaching videos against him as they did. The question I have is motive, what was Mr Skidmores motive?

I digress as I share the since deleted comments over this post in Richland County and Surrounding Area News

Judgement Entry for appeal 2016 CA 0080 Mike Skidmore




Funny how the thread was deleted, but not soon enough!

Just ask Drew Tyler, this is what happens when you realize you screwed up!

Nah, I dont want you fired, just a little reminder of who you work for and represent. May be why all the moves through the ranks?

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Judgement Entry for appeal 2016 CA 0080 Mike Skidmore

Due to getting this out and work there will be a slight delay for a rebuttel. Hopefully this Appeal will be appealed to Federal Court being this was a result of improperly running of a public meeting while a County Court Employee (Timothy Norris) was allowed to resign rather than facing criminal charges of his own?

This is CLEARLY a travesty of justice as Mr Skidmore was CLEARLY in fear of his life once Mr Norris reached for his gun!

Yes, even his boss declared the use of deadly force was not warranted, so WHY was Mr Norris allowed to resign, NOT RETIRE due to injuries as the media earlier suggested in 2015, is it the people of this area so easily to forget this and many other wrong doings here that witnesses were intentionally left out?

Interesting notes here I will surely scrutinize being I am a witness to this crime, so much they like Drew Tyler fear the TRUTH & keeping it real!

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Page 6

Page 7

Page 8

This should bring Drew Tyler out of hiding? Then again, maybe it wont?

Tick tick tick, only time will tell if Drew Tyler like the fraud we see here is EXPOSED!!!!

IF there is ANY good news it was a bad year for local Democrats as you see in the featured image, ALL of which the people saw thru and REMOVED from office or given a chance to serve!

With this, I thank the people who VOTED AGAINST them.





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Drew Tyler claims to be irking the philly, now that is funny!

Yes, this is the SAME mentality that stems from Government employees who believe we work for them when in reality its the people who are their rightful masters. You my friends will be shocked at who is behind this persona running a hate page against citizens that tell it like it is. The funny part is they believe private citizens need to be controlled while they run wild in collusion trying to control, is that wild or what? Somebody (Drew Tylers) aka wanna be terrorists clocks are ticking as the inevitable wasteful spending collapses in on them. Tick tick tick, the TRUTH behind these Narcissistic Sociopaths is coming to a head now that Drew in their latest message alluded to their collusion to decieve folks with their fake accounts.

Now folks are seeing whats up, now its the time to pull their masks off, who wants to see who’s behind the wizards curtain? Look around, not many you can trust, especially the likes of a Drew Tyler that goes around being someone they are not.

***Lets take a look at another desperate attempt to break bones with words of a simpleton.


Well, now we are getting somewhere with the hater of this group. They now admit they have a puppet aiding and abetting in their internet crimes of stalking and harassment to the point they make note of it in hope they are irking the philly?

The TRUTH is and why I CONtinually say tick tick tick is the strong IF they are as successful as they claim. If we EVER find out who Drew Tyler is we will see their success and/or failure for the World to see!
Its all CLEAR to me this Drew Tyler has ties to local corruption of self proclaimed puppet masters as THEY, whom ever they are is close to crumbling being no matter how hard they try or desperate they become this group, my website, and the blog that speaks of their pure evil ways is going no where, if anything gaining more strength every day they exist.

Tick tick tick, the day of their reckoning looms as people here connect the dots. 👍😄👍

Yep, philly has absolutely NOTHING to hide and certainly proud of whats been achieved to the point we get this much attention from stalkers like Drew and others they now admit watching the REAL DEAL here.



Source where the hate can be found…

Mansfielders Perspective Unsensored

Source of what they hate…

Their buddies on the Wall of Shame!

Join MY group, unlike this fictitious page you will not be censored keeping it real!


Yes, this groups focus is on the crooks who work for us that need called out, unlike the hate page we do not focus on the private citizen that goes to work each day, we are the freemen that the CONS like Drew Tyler hates, why is a whole other understanding and differing of perspectives. Since our inception as a watchdog group we have seen nobody wanting to be on this Wall of Shame, so yes the good cops & corrections like how we balanced the bad ones into oblivion.

Have a great day, certainly Drew Tyler will not refute this here in the comments on their claim they are blocked?

The TRUTH is you yourself can see no blocks are in place, comment at will or exercise your right like so many and remain silent on Drew????

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Who needs a LAW that takes away ones right to free speech when there’s a right to refute the news?

Oh, that’s what the deceiver Drew Tyler does, how ever…There should be a law against using fake accounts spreading fake news! The TRUTH comes in one form, keeping it real is not found in anonymity, you say???

Yes, Drew Tyler is fake, just as anyone who believes they could ever get this done! NOT in a Trump era, no sir Bob.

There is NO WAY we can allow these deceivers to stop the truth! Continue reading

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Mike Skidmore appeal goes quiet, the goal was a complete success?

Yes, in the case of Mike Skidmore the goal was achieved!

The goal was certain to drag the appeal out until time lapsed to file complaints against Richland County Commissioners for derliction of duty and endangering citizens lives when an armed court employee who resigned instead of facing charges for discharging their weapon in a public meeting July 9th 2015.

What did hapeen resulted in the inprisonment of Mike Skidmore who was exercising his right to record and speak holding officials accountable for questions they refused to answer on the record.

Now we wait for the answer on Mr Skidmore’s appeal that was filed October 31st, 2016. The latest update as of June 8th, 2017 on the docket is a request for this Judgment Entry in which time has elapsed with no answer to the Clerk of Courts to the outcome of this meeting. That’s interesting as some claims are this is where the fraud begins and ends in many cases IF not properly followed like we have here the result can be silence of wrong doing while people soon forget?

Well friends, we have not forgotten in this group and just like the citizens who attended this meeting for answers we are left once again with none. Beyond popular belief this is NOT right, the people should DEMAND answers, but after seeing how easily it was to lock up an innocent citizen using the media I get it! Yes, this is why people are silent and now hopeful the NEW President and his Attorney’s will about face the higher archy Judicial system to right the ship of prosecutorial misconduct we see in MANY cases, not just this one.

Sure there was much wrong in this case beginning with a cover up to justify discharging a weapon in a public meeting by one who is to serve & protect, on that day there was no protection rather than intervention by God where this crazed County employee’s gun jammed or who knows what would have happened?

Mr Skidmore was NEVER told to leave, the 1st of many lies to justify this court employee discharging their weapon. Evidence gained proves there was NO justification for deadly force, why this man was allowed to resign than face his accusers of endangerment is beyond me! So our ONLY RECOURSE is calling them out publicly here, and thats sad being an attack on one is an attack on all. Another falsehood shared by the media was Mr Skidmore planned is, huh? That was never proven either, so trump up the charges so something sticks? Yes, we all know that as how deals are made and crap like this simply fades into the sunset, but not here!

It has been 6 days since this oral hearing was to take place and so far no answers to public records requests to the Clerk on the outcome. One would think no news is good news when the truth is nothing good comes from silence.

Let us pray Mike Skidmore and his family are united soon, this case has been ugly from the beginning and sadly as a witness to this incident the media has been led to misconstrue their readers. In the end I am hopeful the truth will prevail as the voters did by assuring all involved in this case were joyfully removed from office or entering into it. Marilyn John is the sole political survivor in this incident with her re-election bid coming in 2018. I hope the voters do not forget her plea that started all the hostility in this incident, with that I am hopeful she too is removed to no longer impede the peoples voice in their own meeting. Another falsehood was said this is a Commissioners meeting, not true! This is a public meeting, and now after this incident with MORE rules to further restrict the public from being assertive in their arguments. I am guessing our officials need their safe place while the citizens are left in disregard, interesting perspective huh?

If this is your first hearing of the case you can play catch up here on my website page Justice for Mike Skidmore or read the many refutes to the local news here on Tell it like it is page associated with the Mansfielders Perspective Group here!

Yes, since I have publicly refuted the media in several cases I have been wrongfully attacked by the media & local politicians Mouthpiece Drew Tyler, who yes once exposed for certain will blow your mind on local deception.

You can find more hate for the TRUTH here on the Who’s Drew Tyler page, proof of tactics used by these political turds. Yes, there is also a copycat wanna be Mansfielders Perspective page designed to deceive you just as our local media is used, interesting to say the least. Its not about the truth, its about deterring you from it!

Tick tick tick, the TRUTH shall prevail, another thing Drew hates, the possibility of their fraud exposing who they really are behind their fake account which recently has been exposed here either as Drew themself or once again identity theft to misconstrue their readers, you decide, could it be?

Finally Drew Tyler shares the Truth?



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Finally Drew Tyler shares the Truth?

Yes, this admission could  just be another one of their many lies, so lets take a deeper look into this fictitious character shall we? The good news is…If this troll is hiding behind another identity theft they will have not one, but two looking for them. Tick tick tick, I had faith the squirrel would eventually come out and play, so now lets play!

The fake Drew Tyler page

Yes, my deceiving stalker now reveals themself rather using my pics on their profile, kudos to him. Now everyone can see and know this ass on a more personal level. Interesting!

This is Drew Tyler in provoking mode lol! or ?

Yes Drew Tyler an education is a good thing, animal science is important in your field of goat farming, or is that BULLSHIT???

The admitted real Drew Tyler page

Drew Tyler is a gamer alright, lost at this one.



She should be so proud to be married to such a nimwit?

Now we ALL know what the moron behind the Drew Tyler – It all makes sense now, its a young punk.

Meet Drew Tyler of hate on their very own “Who’s Drew?” page. Now we know?

Other links:

Drew Tyler copycat Mansfielders Perspective called unsensored lol! – I am blocked from posting, but as certain as I am they are trolling here they will see this. Yes, Drew Tyler is famous now, famous looking like an ass.

The real deal Mansfielders Perspective, where they hate the media getting refuted of their lies.

Mansfielders Perspective Website


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