Ontario CONsiders Income Tax hike for potholes on November ballot.

That’s interesting when many who will pay this income tax working there can’t vote on it?


Don’t believe it? Read the story here!

Ontario considers adding pothole tax to November ballot

Arnold said he liked the idea of putting the issue on the ballot, rather than the administration or city council making the decision.

“We make a lot of decisions for the voters,” he said. “I┬áthink something like this, though, should be brought to them.”

Richland County Board of Elections Director Paulette Hankins said the deadline to get an issue on the November ballot is Aug. 8.

The ISSUE on this vote is the outsiders who more than likely make a majority of those who work and pay the tax don’t live there and can’t vote! Maybe we should all look into this comment made on a Richland County News Alert Facebook page?

Read comments on this here…

Richland County and Surrounding News

Lots of good arguments courtesy of the Devil’s Advocate. 👍😉👍


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5 Responses to Ontario CONsiders Income Tax hike for potholes on November ballot.

  1. Phil says:

    Brick Digging comment on this issue…
    You know that if you don’t work where you live, you can get your city tax back from the city you don’t live in, right?? It is not required for you to pay city tax just to work somewhere. You file for the refund at the end of the year and they give it back to you, then tell your employer to pay your RESIDENTIAL city tax and not your employment city.

    If this it true, and you don’t live within another municipality should those who pay the tax get a full refund for services this tax provides?

  2. Phil says:

    What will happen is retired GM workers get their roads fixed at the expense of others income who have no voice!

    Way to go GM

    More reason to vote out Sharrod Brown this November and replace with Mike Gibbons!

    I highly doubt he would favor this illegal tax.

  3. Phil says:

    Poor Drew Tyler stuck in lala land refuses to comment outside the box, now that’s ROTFLMAO!

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