On this Valentines Day with love to my angry fictitious friend Drew Tyler

I SAY WOW!!!! – I have not seen a tirade like this in years!, must be an election year? This guy or gal is comedy gold, lets take a closer look at the latest from this narcissistic sociopath. Tick tick tick their time is running out appears to really bother this mouthpiece for corruption?

Poor fella or gal appears didn’t get much sleep last night?


The anger clearly is showing, not something usually seen by a self proclaimed successful well know business man?

My response must have made them mad, up early this morning to respond, then again the excuse will be they had a private jet flight to Vegas to meet a stripper, hard to tell with this phoney?


Yep, that private message time stamp is correct. This turd is losing sleep over the latest response above and links I will share in a moment. But first I will share my PM response that was too long to screen shot, so here that is. Can’t wait to hear their response…

***Oh yeah, I forgot you believe everything you read on the internet, I don’t, especially all the poppycock you share. You say I am mad, at what, you are once again comically misinformed. ABC has been in business a long long time fool, since 63, why is that while Wall Street businesses come and go. Yes, people say ABC sells inferior products, that’s no lie, but so does everyone else and people have a choice to buy them. There’s an old adage from days gone by, you get what you pay for. Yes we know, products are not built to last, that’s a given being the average American you speak of which includes me demands it. Surely you don’t buy the same cheap products the rest of us can afford because you are above us all as you proclaim, maybe why you leave the Country to go on vacation cause you don’t enjoy it here? See, I can see like others reading your posts that you are as miserable as the narcissistic sociopath you are. So I’m right knowing your the mad one, cause you prefer to see people sad, unhappy, and not have the things you do? Oddly enough I am not programmed like you, my reward for who I am is much bigger, for people actually know who I am while you hide proclaiming you are Drew Tyler the successful business man nobody knows? Now that’s odd as well, one being so successful worried about my success and what I do and not seeing who that makes in control?
Funny, that’s what makes this Country Great! You are NOTHING when you can’t face the Philly, or the light I am in while you remain in a very dark world, that’s sad and why I am compelled to help you. It is Sunday, so let us pray for you and your family if you have one, ok?

Here are just a couple blogs making this fictitious made up account mad, read the comments and you decide who is mad.

Just a smear campaign or are these valid questions our career Sheriff needs to answer?


I think its funny how this reader, stalker, or what other label you may use only responds to articles about their friends, or is it Drew just happens to be one of them just posing as a deceiver of truth? You read, you decide. There’s more from where the above comes from, and not once have they refuted it, but rather stick to personal attacks of my character while posing to be successful yet not knowing me personally, is this the NEW America we now live in, a World of deception in which the search of the truth is not what we the people want?

This hater CLEARLY is one to deceive the people, a true political spin artist if you will?

Lets try this again Mansfield, Drew Tyler proclaims Mansfield is so big there’s a remote chance many don’t know who they are, really? Is Drew Tyler actually more people know who I am than they do one who proclaims they are successful, how can that be?

Read the many more blogs here, you will see who Drew Tyler is?


a FAKE & A Phony!!!!!

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