Ok Electors, The Primary is coming, do you know when it is?

Its hard to tell when local NEWS can’t report it right! The LAW that is?

Here we have an article that got not only the cart before the horse “candidates” wrong, it also got the voting day wrong!


Dan Hardwick to run for county commissioner?

“He will face recently announced candidate Connie Garber in the Republican primary, which is set for May 6.”

Apparently the writer here didn’t hear about the snafu at the Richland Board of Elections where Connie turned in her petition moments before the deadline and the Directors rejected some of the signatures? After arguing the fact she was told who could sign her petition Connie left feeling misled. Once she arrived home she received a call from the Board depicting they made a mistake advising her to come back before the 4pm deadline,  not enough time living 20 minutes away, all the Board could say was sorry, or were they? Come to find out the Secretary of State said the board could have voted to allow the petition being it was their mistake that led to Connie Garbers time to expire. That’s very interesting in the world of politics here huh? People want change and the only choices they get are the same stacked deck! – Thanks to the Board of Elections screwup and not advising they could have made it right with a vote now Mr Hardwick a late entry gets a free pass to meet Gary Utt in the General Election this November.

Now for the date they shared, lets look at the law shall we?



(1) “Primary” or “primary election” means an election held for the purpose of nominating persons as candidates of political parties for election to offices, and for the purpose of electing persons as members of the controlling committees of political parties and as delegates and alternates to the conventions of political parties. Primary elections shall be held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in May of each year except in years in which a presidential primary election is held.

(2) “Presidential primary election” means a primary election as defined by division (E)(1) of this section at which an election is held for the purpose of choosing delegates and alternates to the national conventions of the major political parties pursuant to section3513.12 of the Revised Code. Unless otherwise specified, presidential primary elections are included in references to primary elections. In years in which a presidential primary election is held, all primary elections shall be held on the second Tuesday after the first Monday in March except as otherwise authorized by a municipal or county charter.


As we see the 2nd Tuesday after the 1st Monday is not May 6th 😄 lol!

Not sure the May date was misleading, but if you are an Independent there’s still time, but like Drew Tyler the great deceiver that time is running out! If you are still considering read the following law regarding Independents, if you get a headache maybe someone or myself can comment and explain, non the less here is the law.

3513.257 Independent candidates statements of candidacy and nominating petitions.

If you or Drew Tyler need any help let me know!

March 3rd the Mansfield News Journal is hosting a Debate between Sheriff & Commissioner hopefuls March 3rd 7pm at MHS, may be a last ditch effort for an Independent to stand up and announce their candidacy and to get their petition signed and completed in time for the deadline?

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