Oh those tricky Commissioners, got their EMERGENCY sales tax passed without opposition, NOW wants cuts? – lol!

Olson suggests sales tax increase — and fast – Now that’s a ROTFLMAO!!!!!!

Hearing reminders for Richland County Sales Tax increase.

Commissioners Approve Sales Tax Increase

Now they want to CUT 10% from budgets?

Commissioners: Planned budgets need trimmed – Al Lawrence speaks outside of sunshine law protection lol!







Officials say County Auditor Patrick Dropsey recently provided updated revenue figures that do not include any estimates for money that will come in from a sales tax increase that will go into effect next month. – He already did this? Didn’t the MNJ report this would take $3 million from the local economy as a whole? Don’t sound like much, but when you look at what is taken from circulation it hurts the local economy as a whole knowing MOST County employees don’t spend their money here! When’s the last time you saw any Elected heads besides Gary Utt spending at your business? Most of these trolls head north or south to spend their money, so what good is a Government employee on the local economy for those who can’t afford to leave the area? (Sad)

Next paragraph they depict the estimate, so why wouldn’t Dropsey show with a 10% cut and this revenue equaling an balanced budget? – Commissioners voted in April to enact an emergency one-quarter of a percentage point sales tax increase that will take effect July 1 and run through June 30, 2016, to raise an estimated $3 million to help pay for general operations.

A concerned citizen speaks – Dropsey answers??? – The CITIZEN is right! – WE THE PEOPLE are cutting our budgets due to these increases hurting US!

An invitation to speak Dropsey talks about cuts by State and Fed, sounds like they are realists and KNOW what needs to be done. IF he and the Commissioners believe these cuts are NOT warranted because ITS OUR MONEY why then don’t they lobby the public to file a complaint for the people? Instead they rather RAISE TAXES and see if the people here bitch instead of making cuts like the State and Fed? Hmmm? – I know there are local programs that can be cut, shall we discuss them since this article FAILS to mention where they initially said some of the money was going. Read above articles and you will see, one being what they call CAC – Community Alternative Center which has many problems associated with it, one being a friend and family job creation where they have one administration head who’s since hired a felon boyfriend who has came to my employment to take pictures of me, what the hell was that about? BEFORE we the people invest in this place we need to take a closer look at what GOOD it has for the community, right now all we see is what its costing us in a down economy. WHY are those who are staying there don’t pay their own way is beyond me, this is cheaper than prison they say and an ALTERNATIVE to such – “PRISON” – Sorry, but many people are one paycheck from prison, so why must we burden them? This business is a money maker, so WHY do the people have to fund it?

Lets not forget the County employing many who can’t be trusted or keeping them on the County pay roll? Fired Butler Police Chief Bob Ball as Investigator for the Coroner. Why do we need to pay these people?, we don’t do autopsy’s here and investigations can’t be done with any integrity, so why have these people on the payroll?

Now lets look at the security jobs that were created? They were suppose to be created for retired Deputy’s and we know for a fact one is a FIRED STATE WORKER (John Mayer), one is the HEAD of security (Dave Leitenberger) seen here in the latest public records request, say what?

This is what we are paying for in OUR public building, watch and respond IF you can refute I am ALL EARS!!!!

Dave Leitenberger, security head – he says???? – The Commissioners said to leave?????, for what reason?????? – a camera recording a public records request?

Retired Deputy and brother of FIRED STATE WORKER hired as security here speaking for the Prosecutor? Given jobs to remain silent on corruption?, these are brothers of the late Prosecutor James Mayer who said enough, pulled the trigger.

Maybe their anonymous speaker Drew Tyler can tell us? After all this speaker says we have to prove what we can’t because this HUGE family downtown can block at every avenue in the justice system. Funny how this speaker calls me a criminal, speaks negative about my family yet can’t PROVE one word of their crap without exposing who they REALLY ARE!

Meetings are open to the public and quite frankly demanded BY LAW, the people need to attend because they are LAUGHING when only 1 to 4 show up to represent the people. Mark your Calendars for July 9th – this meeting should be interesting!

IF you’re not big on meeting, how about commenting here and I will assure your VOICE IS HEARD! 


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One Response to Oh those tricky Commissioners, got their EMERGENCY sales tax passed without opposition, NOW wants cuts? – lol!

  1. Drew Tylers nemesis says:

    Hey agencies of Richland County – PLEASE MAKE CUTS!!!!


    Cause our Buddy John Mayer the FIRED APA SUPERVISOR needs another job within the County to make up for the $80k job he lost with the State.

    He’s getting paid by the Richland County Court Security system, the CAC aka Community Alternative Center, and recently hired as an investigator for Prosecutor Bambi Couch Page.

    Interesting enough the two who are taking care of this moron now are the same two if you read the transcripts of his firing that he met at the Red Fox. You can read where both Bambi Couch Page and Dave Leitenberger both met with him on that fateful day here. Read transcripts found here- http://www.mansfieldersperspective.com/wallofshame.html

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