Oh Oh, the Drew Tyler gang is in trouble!

Facebook is laying down the law come April 1st. Next will be when this Drew Tyler faces the real Philly, not the fictitious inuendo character they use as their puppet. Now that’s rotflmao, who’s the coward? Yes, Philly’s pappy would be proud. 😂😂😂

Next will be a Claus, no lying unless you have the balls to lie in front of a Judge!

That shouldn’t be a problem in a Mansfield Ohio Courtroom, they perpetrate lies on a regular basis yet can’t seem to stop the Philly!

Why? Cause you can’t sue the TRUTH without first exposing who Drew is. The pickle they are in. Who’s they, the corrupt judicial system being played by the Drew Tyler gang. Tick tick tick as we watch Drew Tyler disappear as planned.

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