Murder of Deborah Hovestadt, many questions remain. Now another is WHY this has taken so long?

Murder trial attorneys open with book analogies


From 2 years ago this is ALL some remember that is archived on “Tell it like it is” blog site. –

Still lots of questions surrounding this murder, like the address 1273 Kingscorners rd east – who owns this home, and why can’t it be found on the Auditors website? Its found compelling that this home is hidden from record and was being rented by a couple of ex cons?

Also why this woman’s ex was mysteriously shot and killed in Mansfield by MPD when he was only wanted for questioning in another murder in Norwalk, body found in trunk?

This case has the appearance that witnesses had to be silenced before anyone takes the stand? Usually folks have something to say about these things, but after what happened to Mike Skidmore citizen journalist July 9th 2015 it appears less are likely to talk. The above link to this case from local news was shared in the Mansfielders Perspective Group on Facebook yet still not a word?

Are people scared of what’s going on, Drew Tyler can’t be right can they?

Lots of mysteries in Richland County, its like Rotten to the core lives???

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