Mike Skimore evidence suppression hearing, look who’s there!

That’s right, the guy who refused to identify himself was there! Interesting how here he explains or intimidates, scare tactic that if you record these liars you could be charged? Little did Mike know they were serious about suppressing his 1st Amendment right? What puzzles me is WHY Mike would want what’s on his computer suppressed when actually everything I know he has was already shared on Youtube here. Click on video tab, all the evidence of suppression in their buildings are there!

I 1find it interesting they would want to suppress videos like this?

I also find it interesting caught here at what is said to be the Feb 17th 2016 Evidentiary Suppression hearing?

Sheriff hopeful Matt Mayer looks on, interesting!

Sheriff hopeful Matt Mayer looks on, interesting!


I wonder what my fake hide behind keyboard alias and Mayer family friend will have to say about this?

It really is starting to look like this incident was planned, by many involved in Richland County Politics!

You say???

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