Maurice King III is shouting from the roof tops – “I am Innocent”, I believe him!

Why you ask do I believe, it’s not this first time the Prosecution and the Courts have used liars to get their way! Remember the HUGE case against Neighbors where even a Deputy got away with his lie as well, didn’t get FIRED and got to retire on disability. How about that drunken fired APA supervisor who lied to avoid trouble with a DUI and stalking his ex-wife and maintained his innocence? Hard to figure out who’s lying around here with the way these courts operate. Just saying there’s a lot of corruption still going on around here, can’t wait for the right person to snap and take the whole damn system down!

So MNJ… – which heading sells the most News Papers? I love the 2 you used this time – lol.

Convicted cop pickets downtown

Former cop pickets downtown Mansfield– VIDEO

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