Mansfielders Perspective Memorial page for my fallen buddy, Dad. Drew Tyler says he was a coward, and so am I? This coming from one who uses a fictitious facebook account, proclaims prove it, yet has no balls to face the Philly, now thats ROTFLMAO!

Dad when he enlisted during the Korean War conflict…

It’s a SAD day when we remember those who served as Patriots just to have ¬†DREW TYLER, a proven fictitious character that defends the corrupt to call one who endured more than they can imagine a coward? Easy to say behind your keyboard my hater of truth, bring it IF you have the balls my long time stalker, I am still waiting for YOU to prove it!


My Memorial Page…

Drew Tyler can leave comments like the big boy he/she thinks they are yet will NEVER EVER have the balls to say it to my face. That’s a Fact!


Lets see IF Drew Tyler can muster the balls to finally come clean?

or tick tick tick will the TRUTH just catch up to them naturally?


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