Mansfielders beware of Healthcare fraud.

You are in more power of your health than you know, why else are doctors preying on fear? Before that operation or procedure do your homework, don’t simply put your trust in one who is “smarter” than you. After all the truth usually comes out, for some not until further or worse damage has been done and you are at the mercy of the medical professional, or as they said in the old days “snake oil salesman”. So who do you trust? Trust those who have been there done that, they are more apt to tell you the truth. Healthcare is Fraudcare as you will hear from me, that’s my experience with it. In most cases everything is preventable if you only listen to the warning signs, we all have this God given ability, but you have to listen and not disregard. Sure, not all Doctors are greedy shady characters and are here to actually heal you if you ignore the signs, but from here YOU MUST LISTEN unless you want to become a lifelong victim of the healthcare system. If you are eating out of a box, can, or bag of manufactured food of un-natural ingredients stop now, it’s poison and every day Life is already full of it, people included are a cancer if you let them as we all should know ourselves and what’s good for us. Everything today is a label as you can find in this differing perspective by the psychiatry business putting labels on mental illness. Sounds like everyone has a mental illness of some kind or another. I find that to be true only with those who use fictitious Facebook accounts to attack your character with tactics of deceit. Yes, they exist just as we know a shadow Government exists. We are in troubling times, but that’s ok, God will be sorting this all out soon for some as the truth will soon be here and the wicked implode. First and foremost this is my first message in regards to your first line of defense is food that heals and recovers while avoiding the WRONG doctors at all costs. I am limited on time here on Father’s Day, but shall return with more news you can use in your search for these truths. For now I will leave you with a message from a friend in my group of truth seekers.

God Bless, stay tuned as I will share our own experience with what’s called mental illness and how easy you are getting scammed by local “healthcare professions” located in the Mansfield Ohio area. If you are currently involved with the medical fraud industry be sure to get a second opinion particularily out of network, you will see if your in your right mind how crazy this really is as the business is quickly turning on itself as REAL Doctors are shaking their heads.

See you soon…tick tick tock

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  1. Phil says:

    Everyone has a hater, they are a cancer on society as we all know. The truth is as long as they are ranting behind the scenes the only power they have is what we give them.

    Tick tick tick, we know what they fear!

    The TRUTH, and there’s nothing they can do about stopping it from coming. Tick tick tock, their time is running out.

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