Mansfield ready to Target more drug dealers, aka Drew Tyler gang!

Yep, Drew Tyler’s afraid to tell us all about their successful business here in Mansfield, I wonder why?¬†

According to the METRICH Enforcement Unit, investigators seized over 2.2 pounds of cocaine, roughly 550 grams of heroin, over 2.2 pounds of marijuana, 12 firearms, and over $12,000 in U.S. currency. These numbers are only preliminary as there are still searches taking place.

Not saying this wasn’t a good effort, but for planning 2 yrs these numbers have to be disappointing to drug enforcement as well? Let’s hope this just opens the door to round up the ringleaders¬†aka masterminds, or could that be puppet master as indicated by Drew Tyler. I wouldn’t be surprised someone in the Drew Tyler gang tipping them off why more drugs weren’t found.

One life saved is worth it they say?

More on the story here…

TICK TICK TICK, I told Drew Tyler they would eventually get caught.

Nah, what’s dying is Mansfield with the likes of Liberals like you.

Tick tick tick

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