Mansfield man found guilty of intimidation – What?

MANSFIELD — A 42-year-old city man was convicted Friday of intimidation and retaliation at the end of a two-day jury trial.

Byron Yambrisak, of Vennum Avenue, could face three years in prison at his sentencing Monday before Richland County Common Pleas Judge James DeWeese. The jury deliberated for less than two hours.

Yambrisak had driven by sheriff’s Detective Pat Smith in the parking lot at MedCentral/Mansfield Hospital and threatened her. Smith arrested Yambrisak in a municipal court case that was later dismissed.

Written by – News Journal staff report – Really???, who was dumb enough to write this?.

The story I was told by Mr Yambrisak was a little different than how it’s written here, hmmm? – This reminds me of another case Judge DeWeese was involved in recently in which he was overturned once again!. I would think the SUPREME COURT is getting a bit sick of this man antics, no different than this railroad job!

This is PURE & SIMPLE Retribution for the case that was dismissed, THEY had nothing against this man who made the public aware of an illegal operation that certain groups in this town use. Yes, it was prostitution and yes I have comments some of these people made that depict to me why they do this, it was TRUE!

Below are comments I share from the MNJ site, mine of which many of you will not see UNLESS you are a friend of mine on facebook. I wonder why they’re blocked for all others to not see?.

Facebook Comments
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51 Responses to Mansfield man found guilty of intimidation – What?

  1. Byron Yambrisak says:

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    Mike Monroe i would also say that prostitution cannot be front and center with all of the other shit going on in this county and surrounding area where people are dying left and right from heroin, plenty of dead people popping up.
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    Randy Shepherd Sheltons Raiders is officially a terrorist organization.
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  4. Irena Chafin says:

    My goal is to finish piecing my little houses quilt.

  5. Drew Tyler says:

    Tammy, whenever Phil doesn’t know who you are he likes to assume you work for the government so that you are posting as a government official and next he will tell you that your posting on taxpayer time and that your likely going to get fired, and that he will see to it that you get fired. I don’t know how many times he has told me this, and yet even though I have told him numerous time I don’t work for the government, I don’t know John Mayer, never met the man, don’t have any political influence or connections in any county yet whenever you disagree with him or his band of cronies, then you are automatically lumped in with corrupt ones and tries to twist and bend everything you say. He finds it hard to accept that he seems to love the criminal element in people, he likes hanging with criminals and openly calls them his friends. He defends child molesters and the like. Its like reading the comics to read his posts and some day there should be a picture of him in a toilet so you can take aim at his open mouth.

    • Tammy Spears says:

      I agree, he only wants the facts if it fits his cause of immunity and now I am a prostitute photographer, NOT but actually a close relative of one of Byrons victims and she has been calling me so excited about the outcome of this case. Byron even came after our family, anyone related to her. Now Phil said something HUGE is going to happen and at the hearing NOTHING HUGE happened he was sentenced and there was no spectacle. And it is funny some of the guys he works with make fun of him, they call him motormouth. SO he can take his ego and shove it I am done, happy and going to CELEBRATE tonight, open a bottle of wine (in my air conditioned and cozy Woodside home) and know Byron is sitting on the floor of his hot cell crying like a BITCH. 6 weeks of the reception center then off to his warm little bunk with Bubba at his home prison. Print that out and take it to his appeal.

      Yes Phils MO is always the same with everyone who disagrees with him.
      I don’t defend people who stalk women and children. And I witnessed the stalking.

      I am walking away from this and not looking back.

      • buckeyesyd says:

        I take it that you have been following me for some time Tammy, what are your other aliases if you think I have an MO?.

        or are you just a stalker – lol!

        • Tammy Spears says:

          Yes I am a stalker! LOL no – just a shopper who bought a LG Glass Top Range LOL

          But my next big purchase will be made at Sears – Nice how you are running off customers.

          • buckeyesyd says:

            Correction, it’s deadbeats like yourself who are willing to pay more knowing you will not get a better deal @ Sears without us. So you are free to go there, it’s a free Country. Thank you for that, I am actually getting MORE sales everytime you mention my name and where I work in the same post. I’m one of the tops samesmen in the store, and I want to thank you for that. There’s MORE people that want the tyrants in this County gone than those who don’t, your preaching to the choir and quite frankly folks would rather shop at an independant than a National store. Nobody is listening to you, I’m no criminal and folks know we know our stuff. Is this all you can come back with?, we are changing the way folks like you manipulate the economy. The City and County are broke, and it’s appeals on cases like this that are doing it. This Judge is single handedly bankrupting this area while making crime worse when people who get railroaded like this get out. There’s no retribution like Revelations retribution, and this Judge single handedly is making it happen!. See people, this is what your leaders endorse, those who live downtown who think they’re above it all. If this isn’t a type of harassment, I don’t know what is. Tell the rest of your tyrant friends to get there shopping in, I hear with a certain Mall Cop the Mall will be closing next! – That comes from a good source, check my website where you actually get the news – lol!

    • buckeyesyd says:

      Yes Drew, you have shared who you are – lol!. You are a successful business man who thinks he’s above anyone who works in retail or any other meaningless job. I remember you saying this, and I remember my saying you can prove there’s a REAL Drew Tyler by coming out to where I work. After all you did have to point out where I work like you were trying to make some big point. I personally think you are stalking me?, after all you know people I work with and say they laugh? – wth is that?, I work with some of Mansfields finest and they love what I do. I’ve had several folks come out to prove who they were, you call them criminals, I call them being honest. The day you do the same bud, will be the day I believe anything you say. Your a pusillanimous just like I have said on several occasions. Peace my friend, but more sad news is coming for Corruption in the Courts and you can bet I will cover it!

      • Drew Tyler says:

        Well first Phil, I recall you telling me that I can’t be real because you tried to find my name in the Mansfield court records and because you couldn’t find it there then I had to be making my name up because EVERYBODY gets at least a speeding ticket. And as I told you then, and will remind your ever growing feeble, paranoid mind, not everyone is like you and your friend..criminals. Many of us in society choose to live our lives obeying the laws that society enacts, even though we may disagree with them. Does that mean that I have not broken the law, of course not. Have I ever been pulled over for speeding, yes. I did not get a ticket but that was the officer’s discretion and had nothing to do with me. In fact, the lady officer told me it was because of my “clean driving record.” Had she chosen to write me a ticket, then I would certainly have paid it because I had not defense to it because the TRUTH is I was speeding. You would have gotten on here and posted how corrupt the system was because they were targeting the infamous Phil and trying to silence you for all you claim to know. Every prediction you make ends up coming out your ass like a case of the shits. You make the claim that you and your followers are making a change? Prove it!! Show everyone what change you are making besides just posting on FB and this webpage? Anyone can make a webpage. In fact, for my business, I have 3 of them. 2 are paid for and the other I did all by myself and for free. Your views are all one sided and anyone who disagrees with your views MUST be a government employee who is enjoying some sort of immunity or professional courtesy. Your upset because you felt your “high ranking profession” didn’t enable you the same professional courtesy that you seem to claim everyone else gets for your domestic violence arrest. You claim you “work with some of Mansfield’s finest and they love what you do” yet again that is just you saying that. Nobody reads what they are saying on here, unless you consider people like Byron some of Mansfield’s finest and then yeah, I guess we all know then what kind of people you work with lmao. I was waiting in earnest to read what HUGE even was going to happen at your buddy Byron’s sentencing yesterday. Perhaps you could enlighten THE WHOLE DAMN READING WORLD on exactly what was so HUGE that was supposed to happen. Hmmmm sounds to me like the same ole bullshit you have been posting time and time again. You like to make yourself sound like someone your not. You say ” things are going to be happening and your going to be covering it” as if you are some kind of reporter which is also funny since your postings are really reposts of MNJ posts with your own twisted editing in them. As far as your thoughts as to me stalking you, well you can rest easy, unlike your buddy boy toy Byron, I have better things to do in my life than to threaten weaker folks. And you are not worth the time it would take to do that. Again, that is your over inflated ego hard at work again. Perhaps you should send that ego of yours off on a long needed vacation, or just start taking your meds again, but don’t start mixing them again with the alcohol, that gives bad results…we have already read many of your posts with that combination. Enjoy the nice weather but if I may suggest a little time out of the sun because your brain has baked quite enough already.

        • buckeyesyd says:

          This is a lot to respond to, so I’ll get back after work. This is when I will check on a few things. Thanks for the boycott threat, but in REALITY folks are buying where they get the BEST DEAL!. There are times we may not have the best deal, like when folks buy NEW last years models we don’t carry. You’re free to spend more!

          When it comes to having 3 successful businesses I presume since you have time to harass little ol’ me they can’t be keeping you that busy. One can only assume they are not on the up and up, for there are MANY in this area that have ties to the corrupt here that reap bennies through .gov .
          I have seen plenty on ponzi’s in my day where folks steal to get their riches, I’m sure without friends in HIGH PLACES you are NOTHING!. Hopefully when they are taken out you’ll still be reporting your success!.
          Funny how you and Drew claim to be PRIVATE citizens, but have so much concern over those we’re against?. I think personally you have something to lose if your gift horses are removed????. After all you did say another friend lost everything she had because of FEAR over Byron. That wouldn’t be because he’s exposed her little business behind the business, would it?. Have a nice day!

  6. Tammy Spears says:

    Huge huh I am here in the hallway so far nothing huge is happening.

    • buckeyesyd says:

      Did you think something was gonna happen in the Hallway?. I did hear Judge DeWeese and his Attorney had some words and a few of Mansfields finest intervened, don’t know, wasn’t there – lol!
      What I meant, and I’ll tell ya now that you’re interested is…Attorney’s and client was meeting for another case involving this same Judge and one of Drew Tylers buds (John Mayer). There’s another suit coming, and JM it sounds will need council again – lol!.

  7. buckeyesyd says:

    Don’t forget to go to the sentencing!, your gonna be surprised at who will be there.

    Something HUGE will go down, I will surely be adding a NEW post by morning!

    Stay Tuned…

  8. Tammy Spears says:

    I don’t know why it is so hard for you to believe that Byron could have done many things that you he didn’t tell you he did. He didn’t go advertise how he would drive to Cincinnati and Cleveland to take pictures of prostitutes he knew coming out of their hotel and getting into their cars, or waiting outside the hotels for them to come out. He didn’t tell you about that stuff. He would say he was going to SLAM DUNK them and that is in evidence. I am sure he didn’t tell you how when he was having sex with a prostitute he would like for them to get on top and he loved watching them get tired trying to get him off. This is stuff he BRAGGED about. He says some sick crap but he is very selective who he says it to. I hope today is a good day for woman all over once he is sent to prison. But many know once he is out it won’t stop he will com back after them.

    The best thing I can say to anyone getting stalked do not try to be their friend thinking they will stop or you can get them help – stop all contact with them immediately and start documenting EVERYTHING. Read all you can on the different types of stalkers and be aware of your surroundings at all times because Byron followed this woman for three years and could tell her places she had been and what she was wearing and she had no idea she was being followed. He told her once she was in the drug store on the corner of Trimble and Park Avenue and she was wearing blue jean shorts a red t shirt and black flip flops in the cosmetic section. Another time she caught him pulled over at the side of the speedway in Lexington watching her pump gas licking his lips at her. He would call her from payphones in the middle of the night and tell her whih light was on in her house like “you’re still awake, your bedroom light is on” and it would be 3 in the morning. He is sick and lives right here in this community on Venum Avenue. But Phil thinks its ok to terrorize people like this and children because hes been harassed. Its not OK. And Byron needed to be taken off the streets because he didn’t just do this to the Lexington woman a few times he did it hundreds and when she would report a telephone call from him it would be her word against his she would of had to have a witness and most of the times he did things when she was alone or she didn’t want her children to know what was going on because it would scare them. Many times the RCSO hands were tied because of lack of evidence but it still doesn’t make it any less of a crime or less of a FACT he did it. If someone robs a bank and leaves no evidence does it make it less of a crime they committed NO! This woman had to program all the payphones around Lexington, Ontario, Lexington Avenue and the Hospital area into her phone because he would take hours out of his day going from payphone to payphone calling her telling her he was going to Slam Dunk her for HOURS! So everytime she reported him there is still no evidence other than a payphone number on her cellphone. SO Phil did Byron tell you about doing this? I am sure he did since he was so truthful and he is such a Patriot. He needs to be off the streets and no one was getting him mental help and he wouldn’t seek it out himself so this is what has happened to him. He deserves what he is getting because its wasn’t just words it was also actions and how he did what he did to Pat Smith.

    • buckeyesyd says:

      It sounds like the one who has the mental issues are you!, and I am betting you feel relieved that someone who was doing what Law Enforcement should have been doing is out of your hair?. Now you think you can go back to business as usual, that is until another Byron comes along – lol!.

      Maybe you should stick to business as usual by not letting your background checks on future clients get you caught up in this again. Is this why you were upset that he advised he was a University of Indian grad and you exposed this was not true, because you thought you had someone who had something to lose?. Be careful, Prostitution is a tough business – maybe you should stick to Photography so this don’t happen again. I know the pay is better, but it’s not always about how much you make when it comes to integrity, that’s why I work at ABC Warehouse; itegrity baby!, NOTHING wrong with that, is there? – or doesn’t integrity pay the bills?.

      Have a nice day at the office (Court Room), it won’t be long and you folks will expose yourselves for you have PROVEN once again how arrogant you are!

      You do see what that got John don’t you?, surely not getting his job back…That’s how HE GOT IMMUNITY, to avoid Prison for what he did yo his ex-wife (Stalking, Harassing, and tapping phones) Just like here, which by the way is ILLEGAL!

    • buckeyesyd says:

      Wow, I’ve heard of a guy who did similar stuff to his ex-wife. Ever hear of the FIRED APA SUPERVISOR who Judge DeWeese help railroad with his brother the Prosecutor?. These people are in serious trouble yet, and may jeopardize your case when it’s appealed. I’m thinking you think I approve of this behavior, I don’t. It appears stalking is not a big deal to many, but to a few of us it does. Thank you for that! What I don’t understand is why will Byron be sent to Prison for intimidating a deputy, and not these things you share here?.

  9. Tammy Spears says:

    “I don’t know him that well, but have met him – I’ve NEVER seen a bitter or angry man in him, all I have seen is a man concerned, concerned like anyone who goes through DeWeeses court.”

    There is a part of Byron that is very sweet and nice. I am a witness to that. When he is not having “issues” you can say to yourself, he is a really sweet person. He will do favors for you and help you with things. But that Byron is rare and usually only shown to family and a few people. Of course he is concerned going into DeWeeses Court he knows he fucked up and wish he were in a court where they hand out dismissals like candy DUH. If he can shime the light on anyone else other than himself and put the blame on “prostitution rings” and “corrupt judges” then he is going to and when he found you online, you didn’t find him, he hit the jackpost someone who has a cause to prove. Maybe you have never seen the bitter or angry man in him because he didn’t fall in love with you and get rejected by you, but I have seen what happens when you reject him. If you have evidence other than “byron said” then bring it forward. I can obtain all the evidence of the “business” he claims was open and was a brothel. Its sort of funny when someone pisses Byron off he claims something that has to do with prostitution.

  10. Tammy Spears says:

    Byron mentioned this girl in Lexington operating a prostitution ring out of a business in Lexington. He was only wanting to use the camera/gps to catch her with those who use her service, something he actually should have involved the authorities with, or atleast the authority over those around here who protect it.

    Well let me address this for you – she HAD started to renovate a photography studio by the Happy House but NEVER opened up so that blows that theory out the door she had a business. While trying to renovate she still had to pay the rent there (800 a month) and pay for the renovations and was almost done but then ran out of money when she HAD to redirect 3000 dollars that was for the studio to hire an attorney to get a CPO against Byron. Some people don’t have money just laying around and that money was suppose to be for her business to better her life for her and her children. She had saved up a long time for that money. Also Byron is on recordings saying the camera was for the yard of her house. Not her studio. Also the GPS was to track her period. Nothing to do with prostitution.

    Let me tell you how Byron knew about the studio. He was hired and was PAID 100 dollars to scrape construcion glue off the walls, prep them for plaster. While there he became obsessed with her asking her to stay there while he worked. And from JUST THAT Byron gets a prostitution ring in a business out of Lexington, WHY because this woman would not date him. PERIOD. Facts babe all facts. Out of that Byron destroyed her dream. But fortunately she did over 200 senior portraits last year, on location for Lexington Galion Shelby and Mansfield Senior and a few more. She didn’t need the studio after all. But grand total lost about $16,000 in rent and renovation money because of him. BTW the office is still for rent if you want the blinds are wide open and you can see inside the renovations that were done at her expense. SHE NEVER OPENED THE BUSINESS! People don’t go out and get CPOs for no reason Phil, they cost money. The city doesn’t hand them out for free. And this is the same woman he broke into her house and watched her children through her window because she was dumb enough to PAY him to put up a dog run for her.

    The county courts only gave her a CPO during the criminal proceedings after that she had to get her own CPO which was over $3000 dollars because he fought it (Yet she got it anyways). A single mom had to take from her childrens mouth and her dream to fucking protect her family from a nut case. AWWW but lets feel sorry for BYRON YAMBRISAK.

    But I am glad you believe his prostitution ring story. My facts sound a little more DETAILED AND REASONABLE other than “Byron told Me” considering his mental condition.

    • buckeyesyd says:

      Thanks for airing all of that, whewwww – Ithought I was gonna run out of breath – lol!.

      I still think IF what you say here is true, Byron would have been charged and going to Prison for this! – So why is it he’s going to Prison over saying a few words, a few words that you share he said that are quite different than what she said today under oath. You don’t meantion where he said he was going to kill her, that’s different!. So, which is it? – What you said he said here, or what she said today?. I’ll await your reply

  11. Tammy Spears says:

    “This is PURE & SIMPLE Retribution for the case that was dismissed, THEY had nothing against this man who made the public aware of an illegal operation that certain groups in this town use. Yes, it was prostitution and yes I have comments some of these people made that depict to me why they do this, it was TRUE!”

    The case was NEVER DISMISSED it was “nolle” . BIG DIFFERENCE> And Byron Yambrisak NEVER once reported a BIG PROSTITUTION RING in Richland County. He has never came forward with any evidence of one. The woman he was PAYING for SEX out of Cleveland three times stopped seeing him and he made that up to get back at the RCSO for taking a complaint from her of his harrassement and stalking. SHE WENT TO THE RCSO FIRST AND ADMITTED WHAT SHE DID – UP FRONT AND HONEST TO PROTECT HER CHILDREN FROM HIM BREAKING INTO HER HOME AGAIN AND WATCHING HER CHILDREN THROUGH THE WINDOWS AT NIGHT. This is actually one time where the honesty paid off. Byron stuck with that made up story and pleaded the fifth on every question ever asked him court. FYI if you have nothing to hide why do you plead the fifth on questions like, “did you pay her for sex?”, Byron plain and simple has stalked women for years and finally is a convicted felon, even if not directly for the stalking he is getting what he deserves.

    • buckeyesyd says:

      If the case was not dismissed, your issue is with the MNJ who reported it. These are the words that cam from their article “Smith arrested Yambrisak in a municipal court case that was later dismissed.”

      Funny how you are twisting a case against an illegal operation and poppycock that was dismissed. Like I said, and this is what Byron told me is he found out there were people in HIGH PLACES and those who work for the Sheriffs dept that used her service as well. I don’t believe he ever mentioned this deputy, but none the less did mention others and why I say this is a retribution case. I find it odd that all these women came forward in an intimidation case for a deputy, but didn’t come forward in the case that was dismissed?. People like myself with an OPEN mind and knowledge of corruption are not buying this and why it will be appealed. Even IF Byron is guilty of something here, they may have used the WRONG JUDGE!. This Judge is a 10 commandment toting Judge who has made too many deals to REAL CRIMINALS in the past and in my humble opinion is responsible for all the crimes those he has given deals to who have hurt others of late. This Judge slamming the door on what appears to me as an innocent man will not change any of this. This Judge is involved in a pending Federal case with another one that will involve him soon!. Don’t you think this will hurt your case when this is appealed?, I am sure the Supreme Court is getting tired of this courts antics wasting valuable court time.

      To me, your squalking about stalking is a joke to me and many others, it depends on WHO YOU ARE if you get away with it. I have been stalked, harassed and had plenty who don’t like what I do either. I have be threatened for the information I make available and the reason I was banned from the MNJ site is not because I harassed or treatened anyone, it was the exact opposite and why the MNJ went to making folks use their REAL NAMES or what appears as real names associated with facebook.

      This site was created for the truth, now if it was used against Byron then we now know where he stands?. I don’t know him that well, but have met him – I’ve NEVER seen a bitter or angry man in him, all I have seen is a man concerned, concerned like anyone who goes through DeWeeses court. If this would have been Henson or anyone else I TRUST as a Judge there wouldn’t be much scrutiny, but don’t you think it’s funny that he’s defending / protecting a prostitute when he wears his religion on his sleeve and tells those who goes through his court to repent?. I do, and why on MANY occasions have said he’s a hypocrite to his religion; more now than ever before!

      I’m sticking to this as a retribution case where one fellow deputy may be using an unfortunate situation for Byron where he let anger get him in trouble. I agree he should have used restraint knowing what he knows about rotten to the core, he should not have been as dumb as it appears. We’ll see what happens in his appeal when more on this comes out later today.

      Thanks Tammy for the update, but I’m STILL not convinced Byron is worthy of Prison – The system FAILED once again! – this helps nobody, but does appear prostitution is becoming an acceptable behavior which surprises me with the like of Judge DeWeese and what he represents. Maybe it should be legalized?.

      Here’s what Atlanta says about our Judge, the same one who will be appealed after sentencing today –

  12. Tammy Spears says:

    Sorry about the spelling keyboard so tiny but I meant on the voice recordings of Byron he is heard saying he wanted to place cameras in a womans yard and GPS on her vehicle. He also talks about hurting another woman in Dayton. Byron talks a big game but can’t do anything about it or to their face it was always over the phone or internet and got away with it so he thought he could do it to Pat Smiths face and get away with it. When he was arrested for threatening Pat Smith he cried the whole way to the Police Department. What a big tough guy. HE IS MENTALLY ILL and that’s not an excuse to commit crimes especially against woman and children.

    • buckeyesyd says:

      IF he is mentally ill as you say now, then why do you make light of those who testified on his behalf that he was or is?.
      If he’s as ill as you seem to know, why didn’t this go through the specialty court for Mentally ill?. If we’re not going to use this court for EVERYONE who is mentally ill, THEN GET RID OF THIS BUREAUCRATIC CRAP!.
      I guess they only use it for friends of the Court, and Byron is no friend.

      I still don’t believe Pat had anything to worry about I’m sure. What is making Byron as dangerous as folks like you portray is the system he is going through. He’s not the first one to snap if that’s what he did, just happy all he did was use a few select words that usually make that part of your brain feel better. Too bad his Attorney didn’t have a Mentality specialist who could have explained this to the jury. This kind of crying out as you said depicts he was no harm, but hurt by what was going on he got caught up in. It’s those who SAY NOTHING you should be worried about, and anyone with 1/2 a brain knows this?.

      • Tammy Spears says:

        NO CASE WAS DISMISSED EVER DUMBASS SO THAT BLOWS THAT – Also there you go again with BYRON TOLD YOU crap. Byron is mentally ill. Judge Ault tried to get Byron in the Mentally Ill Courts but Attorney Thompson fought it and that came back to bite Thomspon on the ass. Byron fought to stay out of the Mental Court tooth and nail.

        Also words are not what got Byron convicted, it was his words, tone and his actions with those words, Byron parked his car after screaming those THREATS and came back torwards her on the street still threatening her calling her a nigger and bitch, when he heard the sirens he took off running like a BITCH and locked himself in his house. Its not just words it is actions also. And this is not the first time that Byron has snapped. Byron keeps his mental episodes to himself. You are basing his case on the judge, The judge did not find him guilty the jury did. His attorney did not dispute what Byron said or what he did or how he said it, he tried to minimalize it. You are the one PHIL twisting the facts to fit your cause. I have repeated the same thing over and over and you still come back with this big conspiracy that Byron made up which came up after he sat one night and made a poster of a womans naked pictures and printed the RCSO deputies names under it saying they were who she was having sex with. He also made posters up of a naked woman with a local womans phone number and posted it around an elementary school in Mansfield advertising sex services. THAT IS SICK. That is stullf Byron did and some could get proven he did and others they couldn’t prove. He loved to do things he could get away with and most of them involved women and sex. And if he could terrorize their children he tried to do that to because he knew women will do what he wants to get him to leave their children alone.

        For someone who has only known him through the internet and a few calls much of what probably built his confidence up to commit these crimes and think he can get away with them you haven’t dealt with him on a personal level and he hasn’t confided in you the things that bother him emotionally and what happened to him as a child. You only have seen the big tough tard that acts indestructible. But he cries and he knows he is mentally ill and he has said he wishes he could control himself more but when he is mad that all goes out the door

        Phil you do not know Byron on a personal level so please stop acting like you do. When he calls you from prison( and I am sure you will waste your money on that NOT) ask him about the Real Estate Agent, whom testified for his mental issues in court, and has been a friend of his for about 15 years how when her son was working for him he stole checks and money and he told this Real Estate Agent, whom is his friend and at one point had slept with him, that if she fucked him again he wouldn’t call the police on her son. He BRAGGED to ME that she did it and cried the whole and kept saying this is the last time she will do this. HE LAUGHED TELLING ME THIS! I told him “Byron that was rape.” If she was doing it to just protect her son and she felt she had no other choice that was rape. HE FUCKING THOUGHT THAT WAS FUNNY. But she has always been fearful of him and so is his own mother. Talking to his mother one day in a parking lot about his stalking and harassment she was terrified he was going to drive by and see her talking to me. He controls the women around him with fear. YOU DO NOT KNOW THE BYRON THAT THE PEOPLE IN HIS IMMEDIATE CIRCLE OR FAMILY KNOW.

        If you are a woman you don’t just walk away from him. He comes after you and terrorizes you, there is a reason Byron has never been married and has no kids. He has never had a girlfriend other than the Real Estate Agent in town who broke it off sexually with him after that incident.
        And peoples careers and children are alot of times reasons people don’t come forward. She would have been drug through his terrorism and the courts if she had reported what he did.

        WOW I wish I were as perfect as you Phil and had everything figured out as you do. Your insight and perfection just makes my computer glow. To never be wrong must be a wonderful thing and to know everything going on in peoples lives and why. That is exactly how you come off.

  13. Tammy Spears says:

    I have spoke to several victims of Byron and he has done so many things he has gotten away with for years and much of what he did he used other peoples names and alias’s but when given his photo said ‘yes that’s him’. But because meany of his threats were made online and under alias the law or law directors always said we can’t prove it and that is how Byron did his threats. Your word against his. The woman in lexington in he is HEARD saying on digital recorder that he wanted to put a camera in her yard and GPS on her vehicle. But the law directors said that’s not a crime to say that but thank god those recordings can be used later if he does attempt to stalk her again or when she gets ger CPO renewed. So slowly but surely he is payong for his crimes. One thing that is consistant though is they all had children her threatened when they were 18 they would be next. He is very mentally ill. The family in Cuyahoga County that has a CPO on him said he was threatening their children in court. I am waiting for a reply to this.

    • buckeyesyd says:

      Byron mentioned this girl in Lexington operating a prostitution ring out of a business in Lexington. He was only wanting to use the camera/gps to catch her with those who use her service, something he actually should have involved the authorities with, or atleast the authority over those around here who protect it. I suspect IF this got enough attention, this operation has taken a hit!. If this is what you call harassment, then it is what it is until they legalize it?. Prostitutes and Drugs are a HUGE moneymaker for this County – that’s why it’s protected and NOTHING will EVER be done about it, it’s what drives Mansfields economy now that they oppress REAL JOBS. Funny how the NEW Law Director don’t want these jobs, these jobs will free “the people” from their behavior (social engineering) and why MANY have left the area. I want to change this with this blog site, and this website –

      What cracks me up is people like yourself who play advocate for those who perform crimes once their exposed. IF Byron really harassed them, I guess it stems from nobody doing anything about it.

      I have been threatened to silence what I expose as well that folks don’t want the public to know. I let my typing put it on radar with the hope these things will be investigated. Folks have tried to discredit what I say using slander and misinformation which I have proved has happened time and time again and why we have such a following on facebook and the NEW website dedicated for debunking one sided articles in the MNJ where we are CENSORED!.

      Looking forward to your future comments, stay tuned!!!! – There is a lot more coming that may surprise you!. Thanks for looking…

  14. Tammy Spears says:

    BTW Byron was going to take the stand until he saw one of his stalking victims in the hallway who was ready to testify against him and everything he had done to her. The he withdrew. Byron didn’t take a deal because he has gotten away with so much he thought he would get away with this also. BTW Byron’s attorney never denied in court that Byron said ‘I am going to F* you up’ to Pat Smith. His defense was Byron basically meant anything by it then they tried playing the mentally ill card. His OWN Mother testified to his antics as being contributed to his mental issues. So is his attorney and mother lying also? Waiting for ur response and defense of him. Damn you should have been his attorney you are so smart and know everything. He didn’t take the deal because it involced prison time and he wanted completely off like all the times befoream.

  15. Tammy Spears says:

    You’re saying that it was he said she said. Really? That law is there for a reason to protect our officers, not give them immunity. So the jurors were idiots and mis informed? Byron made up the whole prostitution ring story to hurt a woman that stopped seeing him on New Years eve about four years back. Since u only believe things Byron says he admitted he layed in bed for a week crying over her. He fell in love with her and started salking her just as he did another woman in Cleveland and onbe in Dayton. Of course he’s not going to tell you about these women. And yes there are hours and hours of recordings that can be used against him later and he is speaking about this one particular woman and several others of what he wanted to do to them. The person that recorded their conversation did it because they knew he was unstable. His attorneys and the victims attorney and the prosecutors have heard these. Byron asked for guns on these recordings. I want to know what your take on a man who has been hospitalized for mental issues (as his mom says on the stand) who also has been convicted of throwing a molitiff cocktail through a prostitutes window at 17 in Indiana and still has prostitutes coming forward claiming he harasses and st
    alks their families – why would he want to purchase guns? I will be waiting for your reply.

  16. Tammy Spears says:

    Are u serious here? He wasn’t found guilty because he spoke out about anything He was found guilty because he said to Pat Smith “I hate you- you f*cking n*gger I am going to f* you up!” And this was also heard by an innocent bystander that testified against him. That sounds like a threat to me. And an all white jury felt the same way. He’s lucky he’s not in federal prison for ethnic intimidation. So find your conspiracy in that. Smith wasn’t and never has harassed Byron- Byron paid PROSTITUTES (his whole life) and would stalk them if they stopped seeing him. It was a control game for him. He would also attack their families and children. He is a very sick individual and even his own mother in court testified about his mental illness and so did his female friend who is a real estate agent in town. He HAS been hospitalized on and off since a child for his mental illnesses and his OWN mother testified to that. You can say he was wrongfully is charged and he’s being persecuted for his “opinions” but he threatened a police officer who was near the hospital just doing her job on another case. And by the way his protection oders in multiple counties speak for themselves and his cases were not dismissed they were found “nolle” so they could be reopened at a later date if necessary. You haven’t known Byron and his past history in multiple states and other victims of him who don’t even know each other other than through the stalking to defend him. You are only spouting your opinion for the sake of your cause. Byron is a loose cannon with his clinically diagnosed mental issues as his mother called it in court. Do you really want a man like that in the community? Multiple women who had never met before who have came forward claiming he has harassed and threatened them can’ t be a conspiracy or coincidence. He targeted women who were too afraid to come forward. One woman in Lexngton he broke into her house twice. But he always did things so he wouldn’t get caught. I am sorry if u feel because one man got off that Byron should have too but that doesn’t make him less of a criminal or mentally ill. You are saying Byron should get a free pass because someone else got away with it. You are saying his crimes should be excused and it was freedom of speech. A threat is a threat. Stating your opinion and threats are two different things. And most smart people can tell the difference. All I know is a lot of women around Ohio are very hapy he is finally put away.

    • buckeyesyd says:

      What do you have to say about “Niggers with Rims”? – This was an operation the Richland County Sheriffs dept. ran that got another lying deputy in trouble. Do you remember the story?, it was written in Playboy and can be found on this site. Look it up!. What do you think Pat would say about this?, NOTHING more than likely because she loves her job?.

      • Tammy Spears says:

        OMG is this the best thing you can come back at me with? ANswer my question, what proof did Byron bring forward other than “because he said so” of a prostitution ring in Mansfield. And why was BYRON YAMBRISAK OBSESSED WITH THIS PROSTITUTE. In the Police Reports she came to the station FIRST and ADMITTED what she did and her involvement, she brought HIM to light and he made a story up to turn the light off of him. DUH, are you this dumb?

        • Tammy Spears says:

          So you are saying Pat Smith must be lying, so is the eye witness that didn’t know Pat Smith or Byron Lying also? And Byrons Attorney admitted he said “I am going Fuck You Up”, SO IS HE LYING ALSO? Because one Deputy lied doesn’t mean they all do. You are doing everything but addressing anything I have stated and told you all the FACTS or TRUTHS as you call them and you can only quote me an old PlayBoy article. Please ADDRESS the fact that multiple protection orders are currently out on Byron in Multiple Counties between people that don’t even know each other and why Byron was Jailed at 17 for harassing a prostitute and why he has been hospitalized MULTIPLE times since a child for “Mental Issues” as his mom stated on the stand. And you really believe Byron uncovered a Prostitution Ring? The only prostitution that was revealed was BYRONS. GOOGLE HIS FRICKING NAME AND MULTIPLE POST COME UP FROM MULTIPLE PLACES ALL OVER OHIO OF HIS STALKING WOMAN AND THESE PEOPLE DON’T EVEN KNOW EACH OTHER! FRICKING ADDRESS THAT I WANT YOUR FRICKING OPINION ON THAT. AND WHILE YOU ARE AT IT HOW ABOUT YOUR OPINION ON HOW BYRON KNEW WHAT WAS IN A WOMANS GARAGE TO MAKE AN ITEMIZED LIST ON HIS MYSPACE PAGE TWO YEARS AGO OF EACH INDIVIDUAL ITEM IN THIS LADIES GARAGE UNLESS HE HAD BROKEN INTO IT WHEN SHE WASN’T HOME. OH WAIT HE HAS SUPER POWERS NOW AND CAN SEE THROUGH WALLS. HE LISTED THINGS MOST PEOPLE DON’T HAVE IN THEIR GARAGES LIKE ANTIQUE TABLES, DOLLS, BASKET OF SOCKS. HE DID THIS SO SHE WOULD KNOW WITHOUT INCRIMINATING HIMSELF THAT HE HAD BEEN IN HER GARAGE BUT YET IT WASN’T ENOUGH PROOF TO TAKE TO THE RCSO HE HAD BROKEN IN. BYRON DID THIS CRAP TO TERRORIZE THIS WOMAN ALL THE FRICKING TIME.

        • buckeyesyd says:

          Really?, do you want to keep spewing this crap that Byron did all these things?. Where’s your proof, the MNJ reported all the false accusations were dismissed – read the story!. This case is about Byron intimidating an officer, an officer by the way pulled a Deputy Metcalf.

          I smell an appeal, don’t you?.

  17. buckeyesyd says:

    No Bull · Mansfield, Ohio
    Unless it’s a sex offense, F-3’s now carry only 1 to 3 due to sentencing reform.

    Phil Sydnor · Top Commenter · Public Scrutiny
    I wonder why there’s NO VIDEO tape of this and it’s all hearsay?. I remember a cop, and everyone knows him. He gave me a voluntarilty intoxicated and fighting in a parking lot ticket, then told me to drive home (true story). When I went in to fight the ticket, I asked if voluntarily intoxicated meant I was too drunk to drive (in which the Mayor/Judge replied; yes), I then asked how an officer could write such a ticket, then tell me to drive home before I got another ticket?. The Mayor/Judge asked for the officer to hit the stand, on the stand he denied ever saying this and was believed. I lost my case, and that’s what happened here. Did this officer lie?, only God knows, and I don’t mean Judge DeWeese either – lol!. Lets see what the Judge gives him, it will surely be interesting!

  18. buckeyesyd says:

    Jim Wetzel · Top commenter · Colorado Technical University
    If his court case was dismissed why didn’t he just leave it alone and get on with his life? Why feel the need, to try and intimidate the detective and make threats? Did he seriously think he was going to get away with that? Seems like he has some issues he needs to deal with as they relate to women in general.

    Jonathan Rothenberg · Top commenter
    Jim Byron mother testified in court that her son is mentally ill and have been since he was a little boy. He has served time in the past for stalking another prostitute. He also spent time in a mental hospital. Det. Smith took a child to the hospital. Bryon saw Det. Smith pulled up to her. Made threats against her and another woman. He called them the N word many times and made threats against Det. Smith. Byron pulled away and parked his car. He came back to Det. Smith another woman and the child and started with the threats and using the N word again. Det. Smith goal at this time was to protect the child, the other woman and herself. She called for back up. Mansfield PD, the Sheriffs department and hospital security came. Byron hear the sirens and took off.

    In court Byron defense was his mental illness and freedom of speech. Byron doesn’t deny any of the claims from the state. He was convicted on three felony F-3’s. As NO Bull pointed out each felony convictions carries up to 3 years each.

  19. buckeyesyd says:

    Fred Levins · Top commenter
    I am surprised to read this. Byron posted many comments on this site as a reader. He is intelligent and thoughtful, but comes on a bit strong at times, and is a bit obsessive. I think he would benefit from some professional counseling, not so much jail time.

    Phil Sydnor · Top commenter · Public Scrutiny
    He said, she said…That’s all you need for a conviction, where is any of this on tape?. If this Judge can say testimony is unbelievable, I can say BS too!. It’s crazy when words can get you prison these days????, I feel sorry for those who get hurt by them. I smell an appeal that will NO NOTHING BUT WASTE MORE TAX PAYER DOLLARS!, for what? – not accepting a deal?. Just goes to show you what one once said…THEY can convict a peanut butter sandwich – lol!

    Phil Sydnor · Top commenter · Public Scrutiny
    I think by John Mayers own admittance to stalking his ex-wife, he should be sent to prison too! – where’s Byrons professional courtesy / immunity?.

    Janice Eichinger · Shelby High
    OMG he has had professional counseling and it didn’t work, good grief and he is not thoughtful, he threatened one officers family on here. He made accusations about officers that were not true and you say he is thoughtful, NOT

    Phil Sydnor · Top commenter · Public Scrutiny
    I have been threatened on her plenty Ms Eichenger and NOBODY’s done anything about that, some actually was probably YOU. Byron advised you were Miss Copperfield, is that true?
    If he made accusations, wouldn’t that be slander if it’s not true?. I guess it’s only a made up charge like intimidation that’s true and why there was a lot of made up BS to sway a jury?. There’s an appeal coming, then you people can cry when the MOST OVERTURNED JUDGE is overturned again!

    Remember, he’s still involved in a “intimidation” & abuse of power case of his own!. Don’t think he won his appeal for not getting immunity, we don’t see anyone telling that story which will be HUGE coming down the pike!. Can this case seal his fate?

  20. buckeyesyd says:

    Dave Montey · Top commenter · Ontario, Ohio
    Agreed Phil. I’d venture to say this will be another lawsuit costing the county even more money. “Driving” by a detective? -if your scared you shouldn’t be in law enforcement… The only good thing I can see in this is at least BOSKO’S name isn’t involved this time…

    Jonathan Rothenberg · Top commenter
    Dave he did more then drive by. When is it okay to threaten a deputy sheriff? Especially with a child present . After he parked, he ran up to her when she had her back turned. He went off on her. It’s against the law to make threats towards cops. Byron Yambrisak cost the county money by taking this to trial.There will be no law suit. I was there for his two day trial both days. Byron is 100% guilty. An all white jury convicted him. That jury made Mansfield a little bit safer.

    Cops do get scared when they’re attacked. Cops lose there lives all the time in this country. Any many or woman who have served in the military that have seen combat will state they have been scared also. Byron is the one to blame. Not Det. Smith.

    • buckeyesyd says:

      Phil Sydnor · Top Commenter · Public Scrutiny
      @ Jonathan Rothenberg , there are MANY who disagree with you bud!. The question should be, when is it ok to harass the public, and why these people get professional courtesy & immunity?. Now Obama has passed a law that it’s illegal to video tape Law Enforcement, I wonder why that is?.
      Is this something that could be happening here? (Dhimmitude or Agenda21), I find it hard to believe our NEW Law Director don’t see or know this, or does he?.

    • Dave Montey says:

      Seems to me Mr. Rothenberg may need a JOB or something to keep him busy unless he personally knows someone associated w/ this case. Curious, everywhere you go nowadays there are cameras but none at MedCentral? Your going to have a hard time spreading your richland county law enforcement herp worship
      here Mr. Rothenberg. Just because the News Journal says it along w/ a deputy don’t make it so!!!!!

      • buckeyesyd says:

        Amen Dave, what people don’t realize is…there is an appeals process that will surely get used once again!.

        What we have here is the MOST OVERTURNED JUDGE in the State of Ohio, and with his current case against him involving intimidation tactics people are starting to see the one way fit here in RC!. That’s why “the peoples” only defense is by video taping, and why Obama made it law that you can’t do it.

        We’ll see how that law holds up, I’ll video tape anyways – so coppers beware!. Is that a threat?.

      • Tammy Spears says:


  21. buckeyesyd says:

    Phil Sydnor · Top commenter · Public Scrutiny
    Sticks and stones will break your bones, but if you’re convicted for stalking another illegal activety that’s protected here you will surely go to prison. What a joke! – Now they will see Byron is not me, can I be getting convicted for speaking out next?. John Mayer was a STALKER, and INTOXICATED doing his job? – What did he get, HEADLINES that he was wrongully terminated by the State!. Let’s not forget this 10 commandment toting Judge defended him, and now is protecting Prostitutes as well. Too bad he’s running unopposed for the Federal case against him is still not over and he may be removed when ANOTHER LAWSUIT is filed soon that will prove how corrupt this system is. People who depict this have MENTAL ISSUES? – Where are these peoples PhD’s that say this?, that’s right, they got them online – lol!.

    Phil Sydnor · Top commenter · Public Scrutiny – hmmm?

    Fred Levins · Top commenter
    I am surprised to read this. Byron posted many comments on this site as a reader. He is intelligent and thoughtful, but comes on a bit strong at times, and is a bit obsessive. I think he would benefit from some professional counseling, not so much jail time.

    Jonathan Rothenberg · Top commenter
    He was convicted of three felony F-3″s. Which carries one to five year’s in prison on each conviction. What the paper left out. He threatened her and another woman. Calling them the N word. Then he leaves and comes back and does it again. This all comes from him stalking a Mansfield prostitute. The prostitute has a CPO against him. Det. Smith arrested him for stalking Byron has a conviction in Indiana for stalking a prostitute. He did some jail time on that case. I agree he needs professional counseling. He can …get that in a state prison.

    Phil Sydnor · Top Commenter · Public Scrutiny
    He said, she said…That’s all you need for a conviction, where is any of this on tape?. If this Judge can say testimony is unbelievable, I can say BS too!. It’s crazy when words can get you prison these days????, I feel sorry for those who get hurt by them. I smell an appeal that will NO NOTHING BUT WASTE MORE TAX PAYER DOLLARS!, for what? – not accepting a deal?. Just goes to show you what one once said…THEY can convict a peanut butter sandwich – lol!

    Phil Sydnor · Top Commenter · Public Scrutiny
    I think by John Mayers own admittance to stalking his ex-wife, he should be sent to prison too! – where’s Byrons professional courtesy / immunity?.

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