Just a smear campaign or are these valid questions our career Sheriff needs to answer?

Now this is some interesting stuff, it appears things only an insider would know? I would like to hear comments on this for it surely sounds to me like the Sheriff has real problems he is not addressing?

I personally hear stories like this all the time, where is our Investigative reporters? If this is accurate and the Sheriff is covering misdeeds our community is and will not be safe for anyone telling it like it is. It appears there needs to be an investigation or the people when they go to the polls this spring take matters in their own hands!

Had enough of hiding the Truth, or simply waiting for who’s next?


In November, 2015, Joe Masi drove his county SUV to the site of his son, Gio Masi’s car accident in Ontario Police Jurisdiction. He was not on duty. Gio was in his back seat prior to Ontario PD’s arrival. He was drunk. Ontario PD case 15-09715. A deputy drove by and saw this happening….

Joe Masi’s son, Gio, is currently in the police academy. He is commissioned by RCSO but they deny they are funding the schooling. They are. There are numerous blanks in the line item budgets of the Sheriff’s Office. There were several qualified deputies to hire due to a severe shortage, but they passed on all of them waiting for Gio to graduate the academy in April, along with Capt. Sweat’s step-son. Gio participates in ride-alongs with the deputies and engages in police work while doing so: searching vehicles, questioning people, etc. He is not a certified law enforcement officer. He has been seen by numerous people around town wearing his uniform claiming to be a deputy. Any complaints to Masi will result in a personal target on the complainants back.

Joe Masi’s neighbor had his house broken into last year. The dayshift Sheriff’s patrol is outrageously short on deputies. That day, an early Saturday morning, Masi ordered half the shift to his residence on State Route 546. He ordered the deputies, on foot, to knock on EVERY DOOR OF EVERY RESIDENCE on state route 546, waking people up, to question them if they had seen anything suspicious. Does every other burglary victim in this county get this kind of service? Absolutely not. This also put the few remaining deputies at risk with no back up officers. He doesn’t care.

Joe Masi was sued in 1999 for ordering the strip search of a female corrections officer, Janet Virgili case 272 F3d 391, and again in 2009 for firing a black corrections officer, Byron Patrick, Complaint No. 9147 Ohio Civil Rights Commission. In 2011, Masi ordered the searches of all female corrections officers in the Richland County Jail and had numerous complaints filed. Considering the recent EEOC complaints, it’s clear that Joe Masi likes to target specific genders, race, etc.

In December, 2015, Major Joe Masi and Lt. Jimmy Myers of the RCSO Jail–a non-sworn position, attended a bomb training school in Las Vegas for an entire week at the taxpayers expense. When there is a shortage of deputies, a lack of reliable vehicles, and low morale, how do you justify approving this? What does a non-sworn Jail Lt. need a bomb training school for? Do you agree that looks a little nefarious to the county taxpayers? A fully paid trip to Las Vegas??

Friends and family of numerous members of the Richland County
Sheriff’s Office have stated that the employees refer to Major Joe
Masi, Capt. James P. Sweat, and Capt. Donald Zehner as Tyrants,
Dictators, and Micro-Managers to the highest levels. How do you expect to move forward as a functioning Sheriff’s Office when your employees are suffering from such low morale?

Regarding Major Joe Masi, the Northern District Federal Court in
February, 2015 ruled that Masi’s actions in interviewing and
testifying in the Glenn Tinney case (in which an innocent man was
imprisoned for 25-years) Masi’s actions “…shocked the conscience…” That Masi’s actions were “outrageous, extreme, and uncivilized.” Former Capt. Eric Bosko was placed on the Giglio list for much less. How can you justify having someone that a Federal Court ruled untrustworthy and borderline criminal running your day to day operations? How can you justify having someone like Masi instructing new officers in investigations?

Recently, Major Joe Masi sent a citizen complaint of 2 officers to the Richland County Prosecutor’s Office for review of criminal charges. They were declined as there was no basis to the complaint and the complainant is no longer cooperating. Major Masi then ordered a junior sergeant to serve the officers paperwork and secretly record them in hopes of garnering evidence that would be suitable for criminal charges. No Miranda was read and no warrant was signed by a federal judge authorizing him to make that order.The sergeant did not comply with this order, knowing it was unethical–bordering criminal, and received a 1 day suspension. You were aware of this order and signed
off on it. Can you explain.

Sheriff, do you feel that Joe Masi’s marriage to a member of the
Richland County Prosecutor’s Office has risen to the level, by their
actions, as unethical? To be clear, is it fair to the deputies to say
“A complaint has been filed against you,” when in fact it was his wife complaining to him at home about certain deputies?

Sheriff, it is widely known throughout the law enforcement community that Major Joe Masi, Captain James P. Sweat, and Captain Donald Zehner are untrustworthy. Other law enforcement agencies simply want as little dealings with them as possible. How can you possibly move forward as Sheriff of Richland County and regain the trust of its other law enforcement agencies and work together in the future?

Lets see if the incumbent can and will defend any of this in a public forum, or IF once again they will simply send Drew Tyler to spin, deceive, and rotflmao? Drew Tyler will say prove it even though they are a fake account used by public officials to defend with deception. Now that’s ROTFLMAO!

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