It appears right out of the gate the Drew Tyler gang has fears!!!!

Poor Drew Tyler is CONcerned with their friend Marylin John facing opposition in the 2018 election. Yes, 2016 did not fair well for the Drew Tyler gang, nor will it fair well for the one who started the July 9th melee that started with Marylins hired gun firing their weapon on an unarmed reporter armed with nothing more than a camera recording their illegal public meeting in which they tried to send concerned citizens packing.

Tick tick tick, should be yet another interesting smear campaign by the infamous Drew Tyler who fears facing this guy anywhere in public let alone an open debate covered by local media friends, hmmm?

Yes, Drew hopes the Philly will have the negative campaign taken down when in reality it shall remain as a reminder to what’s to come!

See it here on their copycat MP page.

If the link redirects you like Drew Tyler wants you can easily find the he post on open page Mansfielders Perspective Unsensored under visitor posts. In the meantime here’s a response from Philly dilly thats sure to upset the Drew Tyler gang.

Tick tick tick the real MP will never die, join us here!



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One Response to It appears right out of the gate the Drew Tyler gang has fears!!!!

  1. Phil says:

    Drew Tyler won’t tell you why 2016 was a joke! This should clear things up a bit on this local fraud????

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