Issue 1 on the ballot, what you need to know Ohio!

Miss John looks CONstipated going into this election, just like this issue, she may lose!

“The long-held belief that mass incarceration of non-violent offenders is a pathway to rehabilitation is a costly delusion that ruins lives, fosters recidivism and lines the pockets of private prison owners. I am happy to support Issue 1 as a pathway to a more sane approach to our drug problems in this country, said Rev. John C. Dorhauer, United Church of Christ general minister and president in a press release.

More on the story @ Richland Source.

I wonder how the town hall meeting went Oct 16th, no updates on that?

If this passes with yes votes it will be the end of the catch and release game Judges here play, just ask Judge Leuthold of Crawford County, he knows the difference between a user and a dealer?

Here in Richland County it’s just one huge money grab which is a danger to the community, time to rebuild and rehab Mansfield and surrounding and get rid of the Drew Tyler gang!

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