ISSUE 1 OHIO – Divisive drug ballot initiative, I wonder why?

What is Ohio Issue 1? Separating fact from fiction on divisive drug ballot initiative

Drug courts are options for individuals accused of drug crimes. Participants go before a judge, who might offer to eliminate lengthy prison sentences if drug users obtain treatment. There are 167 of these specialized drug courts statewide. Without the threat of a prison sentence, participation in drug court programs would drop. That happened in California’s San Diego County after voters in the Golden State reduced penalties for drug possession.

–  It sounds more like the prison system is gonna lose $136 MILLION more than Judges having less authority to send people to prison? IF you read the above statements they contradict each other, DRUG COURTS already offer aka as makes deals to eliminate lengthy prison sentences rather than sending individuals to prison aka by locals as a revolving door criminal no justice system, so what’s the difference, other than we save $136 million from the prison system. Interesting!

Now Tell it like it is and VOTE HERE!


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