I hope Byron uses this comment to his advantage on how our corrupt system works!. Mr Hughes should be proud?

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Byron Yambrisak has some serious problems. He has been stalking prostitutes for years. He currently has two felony charges against him in the Richland County courts. He victims are sheriffs deputies. He has been stalking , harassing one prostitute from Mansfield since 2008. He claims she has been sleeping with Richland county sheriffs deputies. When Mr. Yambrisak has been asked the names of such deputies he can’t give any. He claims that the Richland county sheriffs department allows this woman to work as a prostitute. What Mr. Yambrisak don’t get. Richland county sheriffs department can’t arrest a woman for prostitution when she doesn’t do it in Richland county. She does it in Cleveland and Akron. Not Richland county. Every member in law enforcement that has dealt with Mr. Yambrisak knows this guy has some serious mental issues.

Mr. Yambrisak trial is coming up. I’m 100% positive he will be convicted and sent to state prison. Mr. Yambrisak screwed his life up for not getting the mental health help he needs. He also screwed his life up and will end up in state prison all over a prostitute. Mr. Yambrisak is his worse enemy. He just doesn’t know when to give up and shut up. His mouth has gotten himself into trouble. All over a prostitute who will see any man for a 150 dollars. He was madly in love with a prostitute. When he wanted to be her boyfriend and she rejected him. He went off his rocker. Everyone knows you don’t date, marry or fall in love with a prostitute.

Mr. Yambrisak enjoy your stay in prison. When you get out of prison. Avoid hookers!
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Please comment on what you think about this so-called professional or what I call public thug?

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