Hillary Clinton vs Hillary Clinton, a Drew Tyler or Izzy Bogart?

What a Drew Tyler sounds like, aka Narcissistic Sociopath.

To be fair, maybe it just depends on what “gang” she’s speaking to?

There’s the original Mansfielders Perspective, and the one that depicts unsensored?

Oh the mess we get ourselves in with todays technology ?😄? They will surely claim these videos like the ones Mike Skidmore was sharing were all taken out of context, then whom ever made them will be jailed after their home is illegally raided?


*Oh yes, Izzy Bogart just as the State said Mike Skidmore had a plan says they too have a plan and I am falling for it?

Interesting to say the least to think I will fall for their bait & switch tactics of truth, the Truth being there will only be one Mansfielders Perspective, and there’s NO PLAN that can or will ever change that.

Now I know they are watching, so back off to that wanna be community ran by trolls as you have control over nothing with exception your menial lives hiding behind the keyboard.

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