Hate needs attention, what happens when they don’t get it?

Many are on social media looking for attention lurking, waiting. One in particular hates my blog and now is emulating my website that draws attention to our locally corrupt nar issists. So, do we seek them out, or just “atomonize” them even more to assure they snap? As a society we need to do better trying to make them fit in or what drives their hate? My guess is their hate is driven by being someone they are not. In this case they proclaim they are successful, yet hide behind a fake Facebook account speaking for fellow narcissists and former criminals who work for the public. Yes, I know it’s sick these people claim to be at your service, yet nothings further from the truth when they seek to destroy you with this silly notion they are your master or God, what kind of crazy person does that?

Look no further than here, or there!

They hate truth and the American way?

Just say no to Drew?

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