Gambling busts a big deal, or simply a Political Campaign?

7 establishments investigated during gambling-related sweep

Authorities stated that a lengthy investigation was conducted which revealed the businesses were operating outside of the Ohio Revised Code by giving large cash payouts to customers. Mansfield Municipal Court Judges Frank Ardis Jr. and Jerry Ault reviewed and signed the seven search warrants for the Mansfield and Ontario businesses.

Yes, we can’t have large payouts when the “regime” legalized mafia needs their funding for Drew Tyler & friends to live their lavish lifestyles. 😄

Ha ha, look at who signed the warrants, luckily nobody was killed in these raids 👍


METRICH Conducts Gambling Raid

The businesses raided include Buckeye Room Skill Games, 1060 Park Ave.West, the Amvets post at 1100 W. Fourth St., Games 4 U, 1621 W. Fourth St., Ontario, and Lucky Spot Skill Games, 2000 W. Fourth St., Ontario.

The others are Sons of Herman, 416 Orange St., Sons of Italy, 144 W. Third St., and Skills and Thrills, 405 Ashland Road, Mansfield.

Officers seized items consistent with illegal gambling and $21,266 in cash.

Cops raid 7 ‘illegal gambling’ places

They’re illegal,” said Stortz, the METRICH Enforcement Unit commander. “Ohio has legal casinos. The attorney general’s office has not said these little mom-and-pop places are legal in Ohio. They’re not approved through the state.”

“If they want to give out gifts under $10, that’s approved, but that’s not what they’re doing,” she said. “They’re giving away cash payouts or gift cards.”


The message is loud and clear! Do as I say, not as I do?

Yes, buddies of the Government have fixed the game, no more monopolies and we’ll be damned IF mom & compete with us! 😄

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