Fox 8 story on gas station encounters, public shaming thefts working?

Funny, this story on Fox 8 tells about public shaming, but doesn’t tell you really why they are doing this? They are doing this because Prosecutors don’t pursue these thief’s so the owners are hoping public shame will deter these people?

The story itself won’t work, how ever the more you share the shame the less they are likely to continue. Take for instance in Richland County / Mansfield Ohio we once had a rash of thefts and crimes  of our own, but they were performed by those you least expect, yes, by those who enforce the law. So what did the MP Group do? They started a Wall of Shame and it appears to be working? We don’t read much in the way of crimes committed by Law enforcement workers, so public shaming works, keep it up Gas Station encounters. They won’t prosecute the thief’s they protect, just be thankful they haven’t retaliated like LEOs have here who don’t like it, just ask Drew, they don’t believe this works, yet the proof is in the news, or lack there of, they call it dying on the vine? Sobeit, we will take it as it’s proof this works!

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