Fox 8 report on baby left in booth alone sparks social media outrage, say what?

Story on Fox 8 Cleveland here…

Baby left in restaurant booth sparks social media outrage, investigation

There should be outrage! – People can’t even go out in public anymore without getting harassed!

If these idiots recording the incident # 1, was the baby really in danger if they were clearly watching over it? Maybe the question is yes with their intent here, it appears instead of being a brothers keeper, what Americans used to be, they decided to be the moral police! Did they really need to be the low down and sneaky, did they share these views of endangerment with this baby’s parents once they returned? I believe they did not based on the story I watched this morning so this would lead me to believe like many moral advocates today those who reported this had ill intent and should be investigated themselves, this kind of crap is beyond unAmerican! – You say?

Let the arguments begin so we can heal what’s so very wrong in our Country, much of which has to do with this kind of invasion of privacy and unalienable rights. Abraham did say you go looking for the bad in man you will certainly find it, so instead of deceiving the public not giving us full view and where the parents were in relation to the baby shame on these people who made this viral and let their own investigation begin to see if this is not their first attack on a fellow American!

Thank you for ready my vent on this, now lets hear your thoughts.

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