Following the Docket in Richland County Ohio can be exhausting!

The TRUTH seems so distant as memories are short and people forget, but oh no, those in the Mansfielders Perspective Group on Facebook will have none of that! Inquiring minds would like to know as we wait?

The issue becomes how long shall we wait and are these really legal issues at all in a case many are led to believe is so clear cut. I find it alarming as one who asks many questions, sometimes a question with a question that I am simply written off as a conspiracy theorist by those who don’t know me while others say I am simply delusional while they don’t hold a doctorate to make such a judgment. Yes these are all interesting things and why some are compelled to stick close looking for answers, such as in what do we know in the case of Mike Skidmore other than what the media has told us? The media certainly seems to keep a better CONtrol of what the people know than our Clerk of Courts. I have recently inquired about a few things I witnessed on the docket in this case. One being an Amicus Curiae brief by a witness not called named Randy Shepherd who is seen as the last citizen witness at this event who did not leave when a shot rang out, that’s odd most would say? None the less he witnessed more than anyone how ever was never considered a witness on the docket, which by the way appears inaccurate on who was subpeonaed, showed up or otherwise – that’s another subject. Today I would like to focus on a so-called plan or what some call conspiracy theory!


I shared this for discussion and thought I would share here in the outside community for discussion and would like your thoughts.

Eyes of TRUTH, not through that of false witness, you say?

Eyes of TRUTH, not through that of false witness, you say?

Don’t you just love how video can be used out of CONtext? Just like in the Mike Skidmore case and how they rewrote the narrative of the day that was stricken on the stand by witnesses who were there!

Why is a justice system just in striking what really happened by witnesses as they allow those who were not there to tell their story?

Dave Leitenberger being allowed to take the stand depicting an event a month earlier with him and Sheriff hopeful Matt Mayer was a plan for Mike’s attack is pure BS! Then why was Matt Mayer not given the mic? Is it because he is running for the most powerful position in law enforcement constitutionally in our County? I say YES! – How else could they stack the power in our County to have all their buddies as Judges, Prosecutors, one will enforce their rule while their Commissioner buds finance every bit of it?

Sounds like conspiracy theory, but it it?

THEY say Mike Skidmore conspired on this day yet it was not proven, hows that conspiracy theory when you need 2 or more to conspire, so why is Mr Skidmore the only one convicted if he planned this?

The question now is….Who’s the CONspiracy theorists now?

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