Finally Drew Tyler shares the Truth?

Yes, this admission could  just be another one of their many lies, so lets take a deeper look into this fictitious character shall we? The good news is…If this troll is hiding behind another identity theft they will have not one, but two looking for them. Tick tick tick, I had faith the squirrel would eventually come out and play, so now lets play!

The fake Drew Tyler page

Yes, my deceiving stalker now reveals themself rather using my pics on their profile, kudos to him. Now everyone can see and know this ass on a more personal level. Interesting!

This is Drew Tyler in provoking mode lol! or ?

Yes Drew Tyler an education is a good thing, animal science is important in your field of goat farming, or is that BULLSHIT???

The admitted real Drew Tyler page

Drew Tyler is a gamer alright, lost at this one.



She should be so proud to be married to such a nimwit?

Now we ALL know what the moron behind the Drew Tyler – It all makes sense now, its a young punk.

Meet Drew Tyler of hate on their very own “Who’s Drew?” page. Now we know?

Other links:

Drew Tyler copycat Mansfielders Perspective called unsensored lol! – I am blocked from posting, but as certain as I am they are trolling here they will see this. Yes, Drew Tyler is famous now, famous looking like an ass.

The real deal Mansfielders Perspective, where they hate the media getting refuted of their lies.

Mansfielders Perspective Website


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One Response to Finally Drew Tyler shares the Truth?

  1. Phil says:

    This queer has been stalking the philly for 8 yrs, finally comes out of the closet, and look, leaves me rolling on the floor laughing, over and over again.

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