Drug dog Molly coming to Richland County Jail, interesting thought?

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Drug dog Molly coming to Richland County Jail

More good news! How ever, like when Deputy Sweat sniffed out the DRUNKEN FIRED APA SUPERVISOR, I hope if the dog turns on one of their own they don’t get a courtesy. To Sweats integrity, even though he gave a courtesy call when the State called for his testimony he rose to the occasion and told it like it was.

Something I found interesting in this story?

Masi said the drug problem is a difficult one for the jail, along with Mansfield and Richland Correctional institutions. I don’t get it, can someone explain. Read on for my reasoning!

“We’re in a little bit better situation than the prisons,” he said. “We do not have contact visits. That’s odd, then how do the drugs get into the jail?

“The biggest problem we have is someone who knows they’re coming to jail concealing those drugs. The state of Ohio requires probable cause to do a strip search. The people that are frequent (inmates) know that.”

Prison officials, Masi explained, can do strip searches because their inmates have been convicted. That’s odd, since when do they not strip you down, make you shower, put you in an orange jump suit when you haven’t been convicted? I find it hard to believe they put folks in full street dress in jail, I didn’t see this upon my visit?

Maybe I have a case of redress in order, or things are more relaxed since 2001. What happened, the ACLU pay a visit?

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