Drug addiction is the battle, or is it more about the money? $$$$

Battle with drug addiction wages throughout Richland County?

***These facts are a terrible reality for many people in our region. Therefore, we must work tirelessly to raise awareness and stop this epidemic.

To combat this issue, I have been working with other members in the Ohio House of Representatives to find the best possible solution. House Bill 4 was a strong step in the right direction in breaking the cycle of drug overdoses.

This legislation makes naloxone, a drug that can reverse the effects of an opioid overdose, more accessible which will help prevent unintentional overdose fatalities in the future. We passed this legislation last year.***

The REAL FACTS are THEY bring these drugs illegally into this Country, THEY lock up their dealers just to turn them loose again because they are innocent bystanders? What they really are…failed students of a failed educational system, ignorance is a terrible thing (sad). What’s much worse is these people can vote (irony). Really how we can’t change a damn thing, ignorant voters! Now instead of taking a REAL stance against these drug dealers because THEY work for THEM (Politicians & Lobbyists) they now push for more legislation to fleece the taxpayer again? What the hell, what ever happened to the Politician Judges battle cry of…”There’s Choices and there are CONsequences”, have the VOTERS already forgotten, or are we cool with the CONsequences for drug dealers and plea deals? They can care less about a year or so in Prison, this is a Multi-Billion dollar business making it a fair trade off to ever keeping your nose clean. Even in Prison these people run the everyday goings on in the Prisons we put them in! They call me crazy?, yet there is absolutely nothing wrong with driving the deficit thru the roof for the giverment to keep on giving, to the tune we now want to profit off of saving ignorance, from a FAILED education system?

Now that’s nuts my friends!

Want to STOP this so called battle? We can start with stopping the funding for CRAP like this and START drug testing EVERYONE who benefits from these programs in which folks benefit from drugs!

We the people who fund this crap are seeing the giverment problem that drives the oppressed to drugs! You drug test to get a job, yet not to get a handout! This also leads to many dealing getting many other perks like huge tax refunds as they populate voters for those who allow this to happen with many more subsidies like huge IRS tax refunds. What a racket for so called stupid people huh?

Unless we change this people, we are DOOMED as a free nation…

No Justice, No Peace – Know Justice, Know Peace!

Tell it like it is in the comment section people! Drew Tyler the hater of truth thinks I am all alone? Its time to speak now or forever hold your peace. 👍👍👍

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