Drew Tyler, speaker of corruption does not get it?

Well Drew Tyler, one of the crazies as you say in the MP Group shared a compelling video that relates to what and who you represent, and really why you will never reveal who you are. You must watch this and of course put your natural spin on it, your fictitious beliefs.


Here is the TRUE meaning of tick tick tick the TRUTH is coming. Sure, you can repeat your lies, and for what 8 years now? BUT, as more do their OWN investigating you my friend lose integrity to my gain. Not because I am another dangerous Jerry Jones as you are so compelled to spin. The TRUTH is the DANGER you are so worried about, the truth of who you are and what you are about. That’s your true fear my intrepid hide behind keyboard friend. Funny how you make so many Godlike claims of CONtrol yet in reality you have zero control. You may have many followers now, but IF you ever faced the Philly to own up to your lies publicly where would you be? Your ONLY SUCCESS is we the people have not truly exposed you yet, key word and why tick tick tick. The truth behind your lies are coming, your only hope of not getting exposed is yet another distraction of great magnitude. Sorry my friend, you have tried numerous times to bait me into your ugly world as I patiently wait for you to simply hang yourself just as your friend mysteriously shot himself? Interesting stuff in which CONspiracies are made. Now what?


Listen close at the end, you may get what I mean when I say…


Time & The one and only God above is on our side. Peace!

My last PM on Facebook from the infamous dodger of truth, it should be clear to those who are joining the MP, somebody has something to hide, and its surely not me!

Drew Tyler is so ROTFLMAO! Thanks for the laughs my pusillanimous friend.


bwahahahhaah again I am ROTFLMFAO over and over again. Now I am yet someone else. How many more people are you going to claim I am dipshit lol. Truth is you can’t handle the fact I am Drew Tyler. As far as joining the MP group, or followers as you call them, I think I’ll pass. This group only consists of you and your mannnyyy personalities. None of them know what the other one is doing and maybe that is why you keep getting caught in sooo many lies all the time. But thats ok, cause when I do catch you in the lies, I rub your nose in it like a dogs nose to shit, slap your ass and send you wimpering to the rug. Bwhahhaaha, I love it when I can come here and piss ya off and leave ROTFLMFAO over and over and over again.

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