Drew Tyler misses their creation Philly Dilly, but still fears the real deal!

Yes, this Drew Tyler is pretty brave behind their keyboard, so much they know where I work and live yet after all their years of stalking my page AND where I work and live they fear saying any of this to my face speaks volumes on who the coward is. Yes, prove you have a real profile pic or where you live or what your so called successful business is and I can arrange to be there in minutes, tick tick tick. The TRUTH is the cry baby misses their creations attention and now needs a pacifier. Let’s take a look at their latest rant of fear shall we?

Response from the real deal they fear, yes they are blocked from stealing pics and putting them unlawfully on their hate page, but surely they have more? What’s funny is how they got those recent pics when they are blocked, my guess as usual they are trying to mislead anyone who reads their crap, proof is how easily liberals like Joe Mathias are easily fooled. Funny how they want you to believe they can’t see my response to this, yet can see my profile even though they are blocked, so yes just as I they must have a second account as well, who’s fooling who? I don’t fool, even though April fool’s is not far away, let’s take a look at who’s fooling who shall we?

Here is Drew baby’s proof I am stalking their page? The truth is they have been quiet since being told to cease and desist, so what they fear now is sharing anymore pics now that Facebook privacy is in question, as a result we will see what happens to Zuckerburg for protecting creeps like this. I believe we will find out April 10th when Zuckerburg testifies before Congress how much longer this fake news hate page exists, so yes tick tick tick Drew baby will need a new pacifier lol!

Now (Drum Roll) the long winded response of deception that will ultimately lead to the stalkers demise.

Well I guess they stand corrected, I have posted on their page, just because they are blocked from stalking my wife and daughter and they are blocked don’t mean I can’t post. What they mean is…without using the account they used to steal my personal pics and expose themselves, it’s much easier to play stupid? Well folks, that’s what losers do that call in bomb threats, and yes Drew baby is not much different, how ever their day is coming. You will not be seeing pics from my profile since being told to cease and desist, not that’s how you effectively stop a stalker, now all they have left is copying posts from here and responding there for attention as the pic stealing is their true fear knowing if they continue it will out their fake account.

Game over Drew Tyler, you can wanna be the perspective, but as you and everyone can see the real deal is alive and well while you go back under your rock where you came from. Funny how like Craigslist, everyone is tired of your shit, so when you feel you have the balls, come see me!

“WE” – can’t wait to find out who we is?

Now that’s ROTFLMAO!!!!!

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3 Responses to Drew Tyler misses their creation Philly Dilly, but still fears the real deal!

  1. Phil says:

    That last rant was a long one, my guess is they realize without their creation or anyone wasting time on their hate page, just like the local rag they defend and the town in which they now call home is dying on the vine. Tick tick tick, so will their page, the real deal has many new members and like usual getting the truth out, and not a damn thing they can do to stop it!

  2. Phil says:

    Funny how this character uses a VPN yet fears to post where cowards fear to roam, so yes, please stay on your island of fear where I got this crap!

  3. Phil says:

    Come on Drew, you can post right here if you have the balls to give up your IP address lol!

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