Drew Tyler has 3 degrees from Ohio State, yet can’t get a grip on how Facebook works lol!

Here is a post from their copycat wanna be Mansfielders Perspective page after getting called out here!

It appears they may be learning how cease and desist works? Yes, what I do is perfectly legal being I refute and share the news. The huge difference they are sure to learn is the difference also between a “public employee” and a “private citizen” with a Civic duty. Sure, Drew Tyler hates this, but why if they are truly Drew Tyler? What it sounds like in which I have known all along their hate resides in being one on the Wall of Shame, ain’t that right Drew?

Yes, now you get it? One exception though I may point out dummy! Just because you don’t see my posts, don’t mean I’m not posting, cause that’s obvious if you revert to my post you responded to! See, it says I posted on Mansfielders Perspective unsensored lol!

Yep, it’s pretty clear I am posting on your page, so much for being a master of anything other than your made up ghost called Philly dilly. I am the real deal you fear, ad for the bully tactics you may have to change that next, being you fear saying anything outside of your safe place lol!

Now get back to the drawing board, just as you failed the people you serve you have failed yet another mission, to silence the truth. Tick tick tick, I am still here, and hopefully nobody is reading the jokesite for they too now see the fool you are! Yes, your creation Philly dilly you can silence, how ever Phil lives and with each long wonder post I see as everyone else has, you’re about to snap!

Tick tick tick, the Truth behind Drew Tyler is coming, or they will soon disappear like they did when Craigslist came crashing down on them, now that’s ROTFLMAO, right JOHNNY????


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2 Responses to Drew Tyler has 3 degrees from Ohio State, yet can’t get a grip on how Facebook works lol!

  1. Phil says:

    Oh, if you have questions or wanna join the real deal Mansfielders Perspective you can do it here, unlike that copycat I shared that’s going no where, except maybe jail!


  2. Phil says:

    Hey Drew, whatcha gonna do when they come for you? Mark Zuckerburg can’t protect your vile free speech and picture theft much longer, as for the Wall of Shame that will reside my friend until you get over your fear and face the real deal, not that fictitious character you use, Philly dilly? Some puppet master you are when you can’t stop these truths I still share!

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