Drew Tyler claims to be irking the philly, now that is funny!

Yes, this is the SAME mentality that stems from Government employees who believe we work for them when in reality its the people who are their rightful masters. You my friends will be shocked at who is behind this persona running a hate page against citizens that tell it like it is. The funny part is they believe private citizens need to be controlled while they run wild in collusion trying to control, is that wild or what? Somebody (Drew Tylers) aka wanna be terrorists clocks are ticking as the inevitable wasteful spending collapses in on them. Tick tick tick, the TRUTH behind these Narcissistic Sociopaths is coming to a head now that Drew in their latest message alluded to their collusion to decieve folks with their fake accounts.

Now folks are seeing whats up, now its the time to pull their masks off, who wants to see who’s behind the wizards curtain? Look around, not many you can trust, especially the likes of a Drew Tyler that goes around being someone they are not.

***Lets take a look at another desperate attempt to break bones with words of a simpleton.


Well, now we are getting somewhere with the hater of this group. They now admit they have a puppet aiding and abetting in their internet crimes of stalking and harassment to the point they make note of it in hope they are irking the philly?

The TRUTH is and why I CONtinually say tick tick tick is the strong IF they are as successful as they claim. If we EVER find out who Drew Tyler is we will see their success and/or failure for the World to see!
Its all CLEAR to me this Drew Tyler has ties to local corruption of self proclaimed puppet masters as THEY, whom ever they are is close to crumbling being no matter how hard they try or desperate they become this group, my website, and the blog that speaks of their pure evil ways is going no where, if anything gaining more strength every day they exist.

Tick tick tick, the day of their reckoning looms as people here connect the dots. 👍😄👍

Yep, philly has absolutely NOTHING to hide and certainly proud of whats been achieved to the point we get this much attention from stalkers like Drew and others they now admit watching the REAL DEAL here.



Source where the hate can be found…

Mansfielders Perspective Unsensored

Source of what they hate…

Their buddies on the Wall of Shame!

Join MY group, unlike this fictitious page you will not be censored keeping it real!


Yes, this groups focus is on the crooks who work for us that need called out, unlike the hate page we do not focus on the private citizen that goes to work each day, we are the freemen that the CONS like Drew Tyler hates, why is a whole other understanding and differing of perspectives. Since our inception as a watchdog group we have seen nobody wanting to be on this Wall of Shame, so yes the good cops & corrections like how we balanced the bad ones into oblivion.

Have a great day, certainly Drew Tyler will not refute this here in the comments on their claim they are blocked?

The TRUTH is you yourself can see no blocks are in place, comment at will or exercise your right like so many and remain silent on Drew????

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2 Responses to Drew Tyler claims to be irking the philly, now that is funny!

  1. Phil says:

    Too funny! – Drew Tyler gets responses & runs like a crying bitch, has not posted since July 24th – their page is DEAD!!!!

  2. Phil says:

    This Drew Tyler has become the epitome of hate against anyone who calls out the corrupt!
    Yes, we can draw fearful of the Drew Tylers or we stand and fight the tyranny thats trying to divide us all. With that said I remain steadfast in my goal, to expose each and everyone of them locally to the point we get our neighborhoods back from them.

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