Donald Trump & Philly know fake news when they see it!

Yes, President Elect knows all too well about fake news, and so does “Philly”, the administrator of the REAL Mansfielders Perspective on facebook, Tell it like it is blog, and website used to refute “fake news”.

Its great that we now have a President calling it out as well, dont bode well for the Drew Tylers of the world flip flopping to the point even those who read their crap are now seeing the false claims like this one for what they are!

Yep, Nancy Drew Tyler claims the MP is in cardiac arrest when in FACT “fake news” like we saw reported in the Mike Skidmore incident voters have been awakened! So much they saw thru the lie that Mike Skidmore was told to leave that they voted out 2 commissioners (Wert & Utt) in 2016 along with their hand picked prosecutor Bambi Couch Page who’s office was the first to report the lie in a media packet all the while trying to protect another buddy involved in the incident they were trying to make Sheriff, Matt Mayer. Yes, the people are seeing the fake news yet their spokesman Drew Tyler claims we are in cardiac arrest when in fact fake news reporters like Drew have been checked!

Yes, we know who is in cardiac arrest and its certainly not the Mansfielders Perspective, the real one anyways!

Want fake news in Mansfield, then the copycat page here is what you want. Want the real deal you can visit us here, Mansfielders Perspective Group not page on facebook here, this is fake news copycat wanna be news…Mansfielders Perspective Unsensored?

Tick tick tick, stick around, the TRUTH is coming and there is only one real deal, “Philly”.





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