Couch Page is chosen as assistant prosecutor – Heaven help Richland County!

Couch Page is chosen as assistant prosecutor

Bambi Couch Page

“Richland County Prosecutor James Mayer Jr. calls Bambi Couch Page a “courtroom titan.”” –   Why? – because she’s the queen sociopath/conspirator? Didn’t work so well for Johnny though, did it?

He would, after all Bambi and EX-BOSS Dave Leitenberger both denied under oath the day John Mayer pulled off his infamous stalk of ex-wife and conspiracy theory that she was having an affair with a sex offender that he did not mention what he saw earlier in the day when he met the two at the Red Fox for drinks. Surely they talked, surely they conspired and advised how they would cover for him if there was trouble? Sure as God is our creator these thugs will have their day!

Read day 1 transcripts and yes, you too will be scratching your heads on what went on this fateful day for the FIRED APA SUPERVISOR.

MAYERv.ODRC+Day+1.pdf – Read!!! – then comment, shall we?

Everything wrong with Mansfield happens with “Corruption in the Courts” while some will tell you it starts with FRAUD of the Clerk of Courts first! – PLEA DEAL CITY – NOW WHO’S ROTFL?

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