Byron Yambrisak sentenced to 3 years for threatening detective, but then Judge DeWeese allows many with Domestic Violence raps run the streets?.

MANSFIELD — A 42-year-old city man was sentenced this afternoon to three years in prison for threatening a Richland County sheriff’s detective.

Byron Yambrisak, of Vennum Avenue, was convicted Friday of retaliation and intimidation after a two-day trial. Common Pleas Judge James DeWeese gave him a three-year prison sentence for retaliation and three years probation for intimidation.

Yambrisak drove by sheriff’s Detective Pat Smith in the parking lot at MedCentral/Mansfield Hospital and threatened her. Smith had arrested Yambrisak in a municipal court case that was later dismissed.

For more on this story, see Tuesday’s print and online editions of the News Journal.

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14 Responses to Byron Yambrisak sentenced to 3 years for threatening detective, but then Judge DeWeese allows many with Domestic Violence raps run the streets?.

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  2. Thomas Hughes says:

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    • buckeyesyd says:

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  3. Thomas Hughes says:

    Phil you said in an earlier post that Byron needs to sue me when he is found not guilty. Well they found him guilty. Now what Phil? lmao

  4. Thomas Hughes says:

    Bryon was convicted in less then 2 hours. Every normal person knows Byron and Phil are mentally ill. Byron isn’t getting out of prison early. There is no major law suit. Bryon will do his time. He will get out and do is parole. That’s the bottom line. Phil you’re a nut job. Everyone knows it. Byron is doing his prison time. Are you going up to see him Phil? The answer is no. Phil when Byron does get out give him a party lol. Phil you need to be in a nut ward somewhere in Ohio.

    • buckeyesyd says:

      Thomas, like I have told you and your little friend Drew Taylor. Come out and see me my little cyber bullies. You talk crap, and that’s the bottom line…Neither of you are real people and only my responding to you is mentally challenging. It’s funny how you both claim to know nobody in the legal system, but then claim here to know so much.

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      I do have to go see Byron for some transcripts and some of this so-called evidence they used in this trial that will be over turned so I can share with the public. This is what I do, and YOU think that makes me mentally ill?. Making people aware of a corrupt/perverted justice system doesn’t make them mentally ill, this is as AMERICAN as one can be, so quit with the flip floppin like a fish out of water. Like any case where Judge DeWeese is involved, there’s always redemption. Just like in the case where your friend John and his brother Jim had a man sent up so they could have their way with his wife. I got news on that too!, he’s getting out soon, then ALL who were involved in that can rest easy? – lol!

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  7. buckeyesyd says:

    5:22 PM on June 10, 2012

    This comment is hidden because you have chosen to ignore FredGrandLedgeMI. Show DetailsHide Details

    I would be interested in learning what the threats were. Using an infamous slur, speaking loudly with angry tones, and cursing falls short of an explicit threat. Without an explicit threat, one can only say his demeanor was threatening. Perhaps that’s how the prosecution portrayed it.

    If Byron did not make any explicit threats, I can see how he relied on the 1st Amendment for part of his defense. Using the N word is not illegal.

  8. buckeyesyd says:

    The original link to this story where you will not be able to see my post?. This News Agency actually CENSORS their posters – lol!

    Phil Sydnor · Top commenter · Public Scrutiny
    Which threat?, the one she wrote down in the discovery (signed statement), or the one she gave when she testified?. I smell another appeal for the MOST OVERTURNED JUDGE IN THE STATE OF OHIO. You go Judge DeWeese!. I remember another Deputy who was found perjured doing the same thing, hmmm – I wonder why this Judge allowed this?.

    The last time something like this happened Playboy wrote a story about it – lol!

    • Thomas Hughes says:

      Buckeye yes the media deleted a lot of post. It pissed me off. You’re corrected. The media deleted the post when Byron told Det. Smith. ” I’m going to fuck you up nigger”. Byron never denied saying it. Byron mom also said in court her son is very mentally ill.

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