Brown flexes political muscle as Ohio’s top Democrat, while the “little guy” laughs!

Brown flexes political muscle as Ohio’s top Democrat – In their own words, NOTHING but poppycock!

Tim Clark · Top Commenter · Mansfield, Ohio

…“nothing exceptional here.” You got that right. Just ask the millions who had their insurance dropped because of the Obamacare fiasco you endorsed, the military heroes who had their benefits cut because of legislation you supported and voted for….   “Tell it like it is” Tim!  The “little guy” – LOL is now paying nearly $200 more a month for insurance they still can’t afford, and they say they speak for the little guy? That’s what the MP Army does – TRUTH!

“The message of the Democrats in the state is … and will continue to be fighting for the little guy,” he said. “That’s what I do in the Senate and that’s what they talk about” in Ohio.”  –  Continue to fight for the little guy?, now that has MANY little guys laughing their asses off! Your problem Mr. Brown is the broke little guy has a WEBSITE and now can refute your poppycock stories only Corporate News like Gannett will print! It’s time for folks like the ones you have betrayed here in Mansfield to speak up on what you have done for your hometown – NOTHING! You have done nothing but make your cronies more powerful than they were before, the MP is going to change that! Dazzle us with Brilliance, Don’t baffle us with BULLSHIT – Much of which is written in the above link to your Corporate News, and they wonder why paper sales are down?

Now, who’s ROTFL? It’s time to EXPOSE your friends on craigslist like we do you here!



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