Botdorf challenges Sheriffs record, and so does citizens?

Botdorf challenging Sheldon’s record as sheriff

Candidates prep for Thursday debate, March 15 vote

The Metcalf argument, I agree with Botdorf on this!

“Chuck was an officer and a detective for a very, very long time,” Sheldon said. “He pled guilty to a misdemeanor. You’ve seen officers from other agencies … if they’re found guilty of a misdemeanor, many are still working.”

Sheldon pointed to drunken-driving cases.

Botdorf differed sharply.

“One thing I will not tolerate is violations of dishonesty, especially by a law enforcement officer that holds the public trust,” he said. “Once an officer loses the public trust, they become a detriment to the organization and to all cops in general.”

I also agree keeping their jobs on drunken-driving cases makes a case for how can you enforce a law you don’t abide by?, sounds hypocritical to those you serve, you do know what serve is don’t you?

Sheldon said Metcalf was an asset.

“Chuck has solved thousands of burglaries and been involved in homicide cases, and has done a lot of good things in law enforcement,” he said. “A lot of times, the public and media are quick to recognize one thing that you might have done wrong and overlook the 99.9 percent of things that you did right.”

Well the Sheriff seems to not have a strong sense of reality that goes back to what Mr Botdorf said  here – “Once an officer loses the public trust, they become a detriment to the organization and to all cops in general.” 

The same can be said for all public servants, you know like the security guard who endangered the public that attended a meeting on July 9th 2015 where it is posted no guns allowed yet a servant fired aimlessly because he felt threatened after attacking a US Marine and 30 year retired prison guard in a public meeting. It was said the guy was disorderly and told to leave, yet no investigation into who perpetrated that lie? Why didn’t the current Sheriff arrest this no name thug, is it because they are still trying to make the public believe these citizens planned this attack?

Furthermore 99.9% of what he’s done right? Well Sheriff Sheldon the same can be said that maybe he like many others can and do many things WRONG, and this is just the first time they have been caught! Like the FACT your office covered for other Deputy’s as well, like one who’s kid took a loaded service weapon to school then once exposed tries to intimidate the one who exposed this while intoxicated at their place of employment. Lets not forget the many other wrong address complaints and attacks on personal property, recently where a family’s puppy was shot dead due to a wrong address. 

Then there’s the LAWSUITS and reason for increased taxes on the Citizens of Richland County?

Settlement over incident at Richland County Jail one of several payouts for county in recent years.

Lets not forget the BLAME being put on the challenger as a scapegoat for a page made up certainly by one of the 120,000 citizens the current admin called …

Steve Sheldon for Sheriff Community 

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