Ashland Man who admitted to murders, to be tried for Death Penalty?

Yes Kevin Grate has admitted to murders and recently its been said he may be responsible for Rebecca Leicy’s from over a year ago? Its interesting watching this plea unfold as it sounds like he is heading for a psych evaluation so his paid for by tax payer defense can use the insanity plea? Yes, I said it first cause any and everyone knows how easy it is to defend a criminal, and how easy it is to convict a non criminal aka Mike Skidmore for example. This is an election year and many unsolved murders need solved quickly to save a few careers, so yes just as the Tinney case here in years past something sounds fishy once again. Not saying Ashland is as bad as Richland, this we have to wait and see? If this man does get insanity and life in prison I know many will hope he gets what he deserves behind bars. None the less we wait, in this case it just happens to be Halloween????

tick tick tick – should be an interesting case to follow like many before it?


Link for video conference from today if clicking on picture link does not work.

For the record, the Mansfielders Perspective Group in no way condones criminal behavior as depicted by the crazies on the copycat site – aka Drew Tyler & Izzy Bogart are truly phonies at their best???? How ever the Mansfielders Perspective on facebook does search for the TRUTH in all matters knowing how easily folks can be swayed or baffled by the media.

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