Another Drew Tyler buddy resigns, this time from children services.

Children’s Services spokesman resigns amid allegations of improper computer usage.

Doubt he was looking at Facebook when they assure it’s nature did not involve children, leads one to believe he was surfing porn? Being he resigned I highly doubt we will hear anymore. Kinda like the idiot who fired his gun in a public meeting who also was allowed to resign, now in Florida they say cause he sure can’t find work here! 👍👍

“It is unfortunate that this has occurred,” Harrelson said. “I can assure the residents of Richland County, that while the images and activities I noted were inappropriate for a county or state computer systems, I did not note any child-related pornographic material.
“However, theft of time and improper use of a computer system may be criminal charges; however that is for the county prosecutor to determine.”

Tick tick tick, can’t cover for those wasting time on the taxpayers dime.

Drew Tyler is next!!!! – Posting every day on the taxpayers dime.


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3 Responses to Another Drew Tyler buddy resigns, this time from children services.

  1. Phil says:

    Remember Randy Parker? He to was allowed to be a repeat offender.
    Now you know why Drew Tyler gang hates this so called jokesite, the truth gets them every time as others are catching on to the corrupt here in Richland County!

  2. Phil says:

    Hey, it’s my fictitious friend who claims the Philly censors their comments.

    Hey, another of your pals aka puppets are under investigation, awesome!

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