Anonymous has Drew Tyler silenced!

Yep, Drew Tyler was exposed as a Deputy for Richland County. Now they have no choice but to run or be exposed who’s behind the fake Drew Tyler account who also admins the copycat Mansfielders Perspective parody called Mansfielders Perspective unsensored page on Facebook. Now they know the difference between harassment and fair use, so much they fear using the Drew Tyler account to avoid facing charges.

Kinda like the self proclaimed puppet masters pal who pulled a gun in a public meeting in Richland County Ohio who was allowed to resign instead of facing charges of their own. Why did they not face charges, it would have exposed the entire secret behind Drew Tyler and their gang. So much for having control over the Philly, anonymous has defeated them at their own game!

A post from MP unsensored.

Drew Tyler knew this day would come, but don’t think for one minute we will let you off the hook this easily.

Tick Tick Tick

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2 Responses to Anonymous has Drew Tyler silenced!

  1. Phil says:

    Did you hear the news? Drew Tyler self proclaimed God has family members declaring he/she feels harassed.


  2. Phil says:

    Funny thing how my group is getting a lot of Nation News propaganda bombed on it after Drew Tyler went underground.

    Yep, that’s what local corruption does once a light is shined directly on them, hey look over here, forget what’s happening here!

    Say you?

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