2018 November Election Ohio, what’s Interesting?

The Governor’s race has choices, and a few with no negative campaign ads, hmm?

Next is Attorney General, good luck on this one.

Next is Secretary of State, where once again you have an Independent and Libertarian to chose from.

Last but not least Auditor, a coin toss?

State Representative – 2nd District

Richland County Commissioner

Let’s see, Gary Utt & Tim Wert were removed by 2 Republicans to replace 2 of the 3 involved in colluding to have a man attacked in a public meeting for recording how they really serve the people of Richland County. Last but not least Marylin John is the sole survivor from that July 2015 incident who must go. Not just for that incident, but the fact we need a little balance of power in the Commissioners office. That’s why we have 3 seats, so we don’t have a majority party holding the purse strings. I’m voting for Rebecca Hergatt.

Richland County Judge – An interesting bunch! Andrea Clark the chosen one for the Republican Party, Phillip Naumoff Democratic pic vs Independent Kelly Badnell.

See polls in Mansfielders Perspective Group on Facebook.

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