2018 Election campaigns are nearing, DON’T FORGET Marylin Johns part in this! Tick tick tick 2018 is coming!

2018 Election campaign is not far off so it’s time to remind you of one remnant of the July 9th 2015 meeting that needs addressed!!!

Yes…Marylin John, the actual commissioner who started this whole mess for sending for a thug with a gun! Yes, this man is a thug with a gun being he had NO VERBAL SKILLS what so ever.

Read the comments on this video, for the most part people agree with the disciplinary Tim Norris received for this incident seen here…

What is this you say?

It is the disciplinary this thug with a gun received that the media and prosecutotial misconduct left out of the publics eye and we wonder why folks like Mike Skidmore are needed! Yes, Mr Skidmore was reporting how County employees were abusing their power against the will of those they serve, July 9th 2015 was simply the Commissioners siding with this bad behavior. How ever it is in the end the will of the people who have spoken! Yes, when commissioners Tim Wert and Gary Utt were voted out along with their replacement for the late James Mayer who committed suicide?, was replaced by Bambi Couch Page who also was not the voters choice and removed for her offices involvement with a media packet that declared Mr Skidmore was told to leave, not true, I was there! Then there is Matt Mayer who was involved in an earlier confrontation that they used as reason Mr Skidmore planned being attacked? Yes, that CONspiracy theory was not proven even though the media portrayed Skidmore wanted computer findings struck from evidence even though no such plan was found or others surely would have been charged as part of it, never happened.

I will surely be sharing this message as the Election nears, IF good candidates do not appear rest assured there WILL BE A CHOICE even if it means philly running as an Independent and now understanding the process of getting on the ballot. Yes, we learned a lot about how candidates are misled and lied to by the upfront minions at the Board of Elections and how the Secretary of State Jon Husteds office addresses fraud, says hire an Attorney? Yes, I have real life stories to tell, sadly hard to prove without cameras allowed to record, none the less I do have audio phone conversations that back what I say regardless of what their mouthpiece Drew Tyler says. Meaningless until they come out from the comfort of their safe place, what Liberals do as we have witnessed. Spin & Deceive

Stay tuned…2018 should be an interesting election year!

Speak NOW or forever hold your peace!


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